Help with phone app

Ok, I feel really silly asking this, I had to get a new phone and I guess my USCCA phone app was really old. I had community before and now with the new app no matter where I look or what I do there is no “Community” in the option/selection bar at the top.

Thoughts, did I download the wrong app?

I have never seen a community option on my app. Maybe that was an old feature not available anymore?

Community has never been a part of app. (At least in my Android)
You have to just open USCCA Community website in browser and create a link to it for quick access.

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Related, I just picked up a new iPad 4 (5th generation) have not been able to log into community. I’m still communicating through older model iPad!
I’ve used different platforms, browsers, login techniques… I’m totally technologically challenged.
Hopefully it gets fixed, I want to trade in my old iPad and resume communication with new pad!
Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

@Scott52 are you able to log into the USCCA website at all?

@Fizbin, did you create a shortcut on the home screen of your phone? (Check out this thread: USCCA Community App - #30 by Zee - it’s linked to the point where we start talking about how to make the shortcuts.)

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@USCCA I’d like to circle back to where this thread started. @Fizbin asked about the “Phone App”. I don’t know about ability to shift to “Community” however I keep getting “USCCA Error” trying to navigate the “App”. I believe this has been mentioned in another thread some time ago. My reciprocity map is not working and I have no faith on the updates if I cross a border. Do we have an ETR on the “App”?

Found this from 10/2020

USCCA app Reciprocity map problems

The iPhone app has been updated to resolve a number of issues, @George98. The latest version is 1.5.4. Please make sure you’ve updated the app for those fixes. I have heard that a few have had to delete the app and redownload the app for the updates to complete.

If you’ve updated and are still having issues, please let me know which version of the app you have and what platform you’re on and I’ll get that information to our tech gurus for troubleshooting.

I deleted the App and reinstalled it on IOS 14.4 this morning. I can’t find the version on the phone but the App Store Says it is Version 1.5.4. When I go to account I get the error. My permits are shown but the reciprocity map is blank. Alert when crossing state lines has gotten turned off. :nerd_face:

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I’ve let our tech gurus know. I’ll follow up with you as soon as I hear anything, @George98.

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@USCCA When I say Ok my permits are there but the map stays white.

On my new iPad NO I can not log in at all. Even the page looks different! When logging in on the old iPad the opening/login screen shows a father and son sitting next to a camp fire, on the new pad that image doesn’t appear! Normally I would tap on the login at the upper right. When I do nothing happens, in Chrome or Safari.

I’ll go back and look to see if it was just an icon on my desktop so to speak that opened a browser to the community site.
That may be the case, but on the desktop of the phone the icon is the USCCA gold/black shield, so was assuming it was an app.

White - Community
Gold - USSCA App

Screenshot (Mar 22, 2021 7:15:02 PM)