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New to the Community? Have suggestions? This is the area for you! Welcome to the Community Please Introduce Yourself Here! Please review the Community Guidelines and New User Guide.

Bullet Points

Are you sick of sifting through endless YouTube videos, social media posts and cable news stations to find the stories you care about?

Good Guy With a Gun

A place to share and discuss the stories you won’t see covered on MSM. Share and learn from dashcam videos, bodycam footage and other instances of defensive shooting.


Everyday carry … what’s in yours? What are you thinking of adding or removing? Whose do you envy? Whatever your answer, we want to hear from you.

Dueling Discussions

.45 ACP is clearly superior to 9mm. But there are a lot of comparable personal-defense items that the jury is still out on. Whether you want to share your opinion or gain some insight before your next purchase, this is the place for you!

Take a Meme, Leave a Meme

Let’s be honest: We’re here for the memes. Don’t miss out on the perfect one ever again. We’ve created a one-stop-shop for all of your 2A meme needs.

Coupon Cabin

Q: What’s the only thing better than a new gun or piece of gear?


Welcome to the USCCA Community AMA category.


Here’s a great place to talk about all things for your home defense - technology, firearms, escape plans, and training.

Firearm Training

If you’re looking to discuss how to improve your ability to defend yourself, the Training category is the perfect place for it!

Guns & Gear

Guns and Gear is the home for all conversations about the tangible items for concealed carry and your self-defense. * Have a question about caliber? * Want to discuss the best concealed carry guns? * Wondering what concealed carry apparel works best? Guns and Gear is the category for those topics - and more!

Women & Guns

Here’s a great place to talk about women-specific issues. It is not a women-only category, men are welcome to share their insights.

Legal & Second Amendment

This area was requested by Community members to discuss current and proposed self-defense and firearm related laws. Gun laws can cause a lot of tension and debate. We welcome all viewpoints as long as they’re expressed respectfully.

News & Current Events

Discussions about recent self-defense or firearms-related articles in the News.

Recommendations & Recalls

We post a lot of recommendations and some recalls throughout the USCCA Community, so this will be a place to put those topics.

Regional Conversations

Want to meet people in your area? Talk about political issues that are close to home? This is the place for you! As the Community grows this will break down to the state level, but we are starting with regions of the country.


Welcome to the Miscellaneous Discussion Group! Does your conversation not fit into the Guns and Gear or Training categories? Then the Miscellaneous Category is the place for you! If it’s related to self-defense and shared respectfully, it’s welcome here!


Here’s a great place to talk about all things Hunting related.

What's Your Malfunction?

Have you got (firearms) issues? Chances are another community member has had or has seen the same. Just field-striped that new gun for the first time and can’t get it back together? Check-in here before taking a trip to your local gunsmith.