Uncensored platforms

So I’m looking for uncensored platforms. USCCA doesn’t want us to have certain conversations on their forum which is their right to do so. But seeing as internet is all for communication is there a platform to have these conversations?

USCCA has repeatedly closed political threads that get heated, arguing breaks out, and other topics that I won’t mention so I don’t get shut down… I am looking for another platform to have these conversations.

For now I’m pretty much done having these conversations on here and I think everyone else should too. The moderators have made it clear those convos are not to be had on here. I’m not expecting this to stay up long but all suggestions will be looked into.


Things that make ya go hmmmmm


I want to make it clear. I am not bashing moderators, they are doing there job that is assigned to them. I do not agree with them but it’s there job. I wish they would let these convos play out but I don’t run this forum so they enforce the rules.



telegram (lots of groups, discussions, etc. Not the easiest interface)


@BubbaBear917 if they we’re doing there jobs. Then there wouldn’t be mems and odd or miscellaneous subjects. There would only be gun and legal talk. They are only censoring what offends them or what they see fit to erase.


I’m brand new here, but I am very happy to hear that they don’t allow political threads. I am SO sick of political debate infiltrating every aspect of online culture.


I would make the observation that they don’t put a stop to certain topics or ideals, but put an end to threads/discussions when behaviors that are against the rules start to repeatedly occur within any give discussion. They’ve mentioned repeatedly that they don’t mind any discussion as long as it follows the community guidelines. Those people in the discussion that go against the guidelines are the ones that cause the discussions to be locked. It isn’t a mod shutting down an ideal or debate because of their own beliefs or idea of the subject at hand.

Edit to add: I thought Parlor was a new space that anyone could say anything and it wouldn’t be removed or locked, you may try there. I don’t have any first hand experience with it but have read about it on here various times.


Except every aspect of the Second Amendment / Self Defense / Home Defense / and legal defense … and the carrying of firearms, open and concealed… is political… whether we like it or not.


Yet, the thread… The Great Pandemic had most of the people in agreement, and no arguments… but they shut it down… and it was in miscellaneous.


Just an idea… there is GAB… though I do not know much about it except it claims to defend free speech… and there is Parlor.

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@Kevin29, I will qualify my previous statement then to say in my experience on here. I stay away, or try to stay away from the political and current affairs sections unless a topic header peaks my interest such as the header on this thread.


Yes, I understand that.

I completely disagree with your premise. I have served as a mod for another forum, and it’s a damned tough job. Hardly anyone likes how you do your job, people get pissed when you take an action, people get pissed when you take no action, and everyone seems to have not only a skewed understanding of the rules, but very good reasons why “they don’t apply in this case.”

The moderators around here do a stellar job. You don’t like how they do that job. You make that abundantly clear.

[Edited to include a closing double quote I missed the first time around.]


There is a group on zello if you’re interested @Justin47 @MarkinMT @Scott52 message me or @Greg35 for the info.

@OldGnome it is your right to disagree. They have erased a ton of things I’ve said. I’ve never called anyone names or said bad words. One time I was off subject and I agreed to that. But other wise I’ve always been respectful. Erasing my post that were not against terms was disrespectful to me.

But I’m still here.


I tend to agree with @Justin47. It seems those leaning left get the breaks while those of us on the right seem to get censored more severely. I recall a certain new female of color who called us “vile disgusting racists” and was allowed to inject her poison for 2 days. We are told not to engage these “people”-- so they get to make nasty, vile comments and we are to NOT reply… just doesn’t seem right. My opinion is that these kind of people deserve the responses they receive-- anyway… just my humble opinion.


Come join us on zello. No censorship

There is nothing stopping you from using the scroll knob… that’s why its there.


Yeah yeah - I wasn’t trying to be a snowflake. Just tired of all the arguing going on in social media is all.

Semper fi!

@BubbaBear917-- I hear ya and understand. Since I’ve gotten in so much trouble here-- and banishment for a week-- If I cannot say anything without insults (as deserving as they may be) I just scroll on by and give deserving people the years of my experience. There is a lot of good on this site once you get past the apparent double-standard.

Don’t waste you time, wisdom and experience on who the Bible calls “Fools”.