The USCCA . Censoring. Members



From what I’ve seen posted, seems like some content needs censoring.


How so?

Doesn’t that act infringe on one’s 1st amendment rights?

Perhaps sensor posts from outside the USA because they don’t have rights to freedom of speech?

Where does it start?

What is the end of it?

Tread lightly…. Just saying.


No, there is no 1A infringement if a private entity controls what is spread through their private forum.

It’s no different than if Kroger does not allow you to preach your political views in their store, or if you don’t allow someone to put a politician’s hard sign in your front yard that you don’t want there. (not a lawyer, me)

It starts and ends with the 1A not meaning that private entities are unable to exercise control over their content

Or would you rather people be able to post the absolute nastiest porn imaginable to every thread, because free speech and the forum owner cannot stop them?

That said, I don’t know what may be getting censored. There are rules, though, all forums have them.


IDK. Good question. Sorry to hear that. I have not noticed any post from you that would warrant censoring.

I think the organization does have monitors which can delete posts if they cross the line (are not cool) per se.

I know there is the blocking which we as individual members can block ourselves from seeing posts by certain posters, and vice versa, where they can block us from being seen by them.

Not sure what happed in your case. I enjoyed your posts today.


This being my first day in this community, and since you asked, you do seem to post a significant volume, at a significant volume, your grammar needs some work, and your responses to others are a bit, shall we say, obnoxious. Or you may be running into a posting limit set by the algorithm, who knows.
My suggestion is to pretend you’re writing a letter to someone. When composing a letter, you are assembling the materials to write with, you have to compose what you’re going to write before putting it to paper, you have to concentrate on legible writing with good grammar, sentence structure, paragraph breaks, etc… All of this to ensure when someone gets your letter, they are engaged enough to read what you have to say, and in turn engage you with the same courtesy, something lacking in our keyboard warrior era.
Think about what you want to post, even if it takes an hour, then relax and write it, proofread it, then send it. If you reply to comments, take the same amount of time, with the thought about how your words are going to be percieved. Knock off the all caps, emoji spam and crazy oooh-rah statements, and you’ll probably have a better go at it.



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If you censor my post it should be with a $20 gift certificate to Academy


Absolutely agree. By signing in to the forum, you agree to abide by all the rules. When you don’t, you’re opening yourself to be flagged by the membership — USCCA employees do not flag posts as inappropriate, they simply moderate the posts that are flagged by membership.

This is not a first amendment issue. This is a “you agreed to a code of conduct, so honor your word and abide by that code of conduct” issue. If someone wants to spam the forums constantly or post sexually explicit content, they’re welcome to do so — somewhere else, not here. If one doesn’t like that, take it up with USCCA to get the rules changed, or find somewhere else that will allow you to do whatever you want. But while you’re here, you have to abide by the rules.


Based on just these few examples, I assume you wrote your post on writing skills tongue-in-cheek, as it was quite ironic. BobbyJean is a nice guy. Not everyone has college-level writing abilities - most people do not even have high school-level skills. Some people are ESL, then there are those that learned/spoke British English before coming to the USA. There are also likely people that post here that are not even living in the USA or US citizens. There are also “typos”.

Attacking someone over grammar is pedantic and puerile. Admittedly, some posts here, not just his, are difficult to read due to lack of punctuation and paragraghing, etc. However, we also have the options of not reading those posts or ignoring the poster.

There are quite a large number of posts that I have read that are against community guidelines, but remain. Most are from only a few posters; the regulars know who I mean - and BobbyJean is not one of those.

The OP stated that he could not see others’ posts, not that his posts were censored. It seemed clear to me what he stated, you interpreted it as his posts being censored - more irony.


@TheProtonSpinner If you don’t like someone’s style of writing you have the ability to block their posts. Just click on your avatar at the top right of the page, choose the profile icon at the very bottom, then preferences. Finally, click on Users. Click on the Add tab. Type in the screen name of the person you want to block. Once the screen name has been entered, click on Ignore. Lastly, click on Save Changes.

Thank you for your service, and love your dog.


It was an interesting test to put a simple statement on this thread that received a resounding response to how easy it is to censor and cancel someone for an opinion.
THAT is what we have been subjected to and what has become an extreme infringement on our constitutional rights and freedoms.
Thank you all for stepping in and helping me show how extreme this can get.

I was once willing to give my life for what I believe this country stood for.

Today, I’d give my life to protect my family from what this country has become.


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In my case it was about freedom, not cancelling someone’s opinion. We don’t have the ability to stop everyone from seeing messages we might disagree with, but we certainly have the freedom to not listen to what we might consider drivel. Big difference.


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