Free Speech Zone

I thought it would be a good idea to have a place to take discussion when we don’t want to derail a topic. Often my mind wonders/I get triggered but want to discuss something with someone that changes the OP’s topic. This is the place to take it.
I recently responded to @Shamrock ’s post in @BobbyJean ’s topic about How Many Shots it Takes to Stop a Threat. Some how we got into a discussion about the accuracy of muscle memory. I would like to encourage the members to take those discussions/debates here. One wouldn’t have to derail the topic they were one they could derail this one Let’s see how this works.


At the risk of derailing this topic;) I like the idea but wonder if it would be better to just make up an entirely new topic for whatever tangent the original thread went off on?

That way there would be a thread title that matched the topic being discussed instead of a jumble of random topics that people would have to weed through to find the information they are looking for.

So in this case we could start a new thread on muscle memory, proprioception and neural pathways and that way anyone interested in those topics would see the title and could decide if it was something they were interested in or not? I think that is a topic worthy of its own thread.


I think this thread become a mess in next few days or weeks. Imagine all different topics mixed here… how will we be able to find answers to anything here, without knowing what this thread is about?

I like the idea… but I doubt it will work as we would like to.

In my opinion this is the job for administrators to keep Forum organized… but it won’t happen here.
This Forum lost good administration in October 2021. :pensive:


Though it also could be fun to have a weekly debate thread where someone picks a topic (revolvers vs pistols, 9mm vs 45, thin or thick crust pizza etc.) and we can argue over it for a week before moving onto the next contentious topic:)

Though even then I think it would be good to have the title of the tread match the debate for the week.

IE “Weekly debate for 1/29/24 Shotguns or rifles which is better for home defense?” Though ideally we would pick a topic that wasn’t being actively discussed already.


I’m guessing everything related to firearms and training was discussed already.
What changes all the time is a political situation… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I see this is the main direction of this Community these days. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hopefully I didn’t derailed this thread. :sweat_smile:


Which defensive round is the most consistent bet regardless of caliber/firearm?

HST vs The Rest


I’m taking HST over ‘the field’, as it were.

Although I wouldn’t say no to Gold Dots either


I wouldn’t bet against you as one of the best over all if not the best. Though HST looses some points for its .380 ammo. Based on the tests I’ve seen there are much better options in that caliber.


Well, to me it takes as many shots as needed until they stop attempting to attack you. If they keep coming then, I’ll keep shooting.


When I click on the arrow your avatar usually comes up in the right hand corner of the page. Sometimes it doesn’t that is the way we could have multiple conversations at the same time. I think Shamrock is right. I have a hard enough time keeping up with all the conversations as it is.


Id take both shotgun and lever rifle for home defense as well as a 9mm & 45 and or 10mm. Now that I have all of the above. Id even throw in an AR-15 for HD.

I also like the idea of a debatable subject to discuss for a week then change it the following week like you suggested.


I just had a disagreement with @BRUCE26 in In Time of Conflict, about something being religious or not. If you want to discuss it we could discuss it here.


May I suggest to change thread name to: FREE SPEECH ZONE?


No, we cannot do that. We have to censor it. :sunglasses:


You can suggest it. I can’t do it. Correction I did.


Let’s rename this the Hijacked Thread.


We will have to take a vote. Who is in favor of calling this thread the “Hijacked Thread”


You mean like this…



That is exactly how I suspect a picture of all the thoughts constantly running around in brain would look.


I say let’s have some real fun.
Start a “Gun Free Zone” OP and see how many trolls we can find!


I like thebidea @Robert1246 . It’ll be a free for all place to say anything. Us ADHD people will use it a lot! :smile: