Ugh! Holsters again!

Ok so I purchased the M&P 2.0 Performance Center C.O.R.E (optic ready competition series).

I’m looking for a holster and I’ve found exactly 3 companies that make one. Dara holsters makes a standard OWB, however i need to purchase a WML from a list of 4 they make holsters for. Cost is about $250

Kenai Chest Holsters make a cross draw chest holster, but it’s a chest holster…and it’s a little over $200

Safariland makes a drop leg holster, but again i need to get a WML from a list they provide. They do have one i wouldn’t mind. Cost is $270

Anybody know of any other options? Right now I’m looking at the safariland since it’s a level 3 retention, but I’d need to get a $130 WML to go with it. I’m thinking i should have researched holsters before deciding what firearm to buy…


I am old so school me a little, what is a WML?
Next question what do you want the holster to do, what type of weapon will you be using, in what type of environmental sitution?




  1. are you gonna mount Red Dot on it?
  2. What is the light model for your handgun? [if I correctly interpreted WML :thinking:]
  3. Are you looking for OWB?

M&P 2.0 Performance Center C.O.R.E without RDS will fit M&P 2.0 holster.

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Try getting with phalanx concealment. Retired Green Beret makes them to order. Price is fair. Options are vast. Definitely under 150 probably more around 100. Another option is sob tactical leather condom. They’ll make it to your specs. Also veteran owned. I use holsters from both and love them. Smaller EDC I use Kydex from Phalanx. G19 I use leather condom. Really depends on what use you’re looking for. But between those 2 companies I’ve never been anything but impressed


WML= Weapon Mounted Light @Jerzy said it as well.

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Sorry folks didn’t jump on straight away. Yes. WML is weapon mounted light, im assuming the requirements for having it are due to the retention relying on the light and not the firearm.

I’m looking at the Streamlight TLR 1 HL. 800 lumens.

As for the optic, yes I already have a Burris Fastfire III for it.

As for what I want it to do, this firearm is primarily for range days, however once I’m able to get more mags for it, it will be my sidearm for drills with my group. This is why I’m leaning towards the drop leg style of holster. Safarilands retention system is attractive for a holster type i normally wouldn’t want.

I will look in to the suggested companies, thank you @Wayne25


Thanks for the update, sometimes my fast is not fast enough. While I am not a fan of drop leg holsters Iam sure if it is what you want then it will work out great.

I like weapons not to be on display, so I like shoulder and pancake styles the best, but with that said good luck on your hunt.


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Is the PC a 5” barrel? Because if
so I feel your pain :joy:.

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I keep hearing the 5" has problems and doesn’t play well with optics.


I haven’t had any issues, but I don’t have the PC. Of course there’s still plenty of time for issues to come… My sear did develop an imperfection. According to S&W it’s a normal imperfection from the MIM process (hasn’t been a problem though). My biggest complaint is lack holsters and accessories. They’re out there, but there’s not a lot of options, and they’re all bad on my wallet. I do wish I would have gotten the 4.25” because I think I could actually conceal that occasionally, and holsters aren’t an issue for me (I understand your looking for a holster that fits your accessories).

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Accessories…i like that lol.

Yeah I’ve wanted to play with a red dot pistol for awhile. Upgrading to a full size will shave a little time here and there during my qualifiers. Not that they’re unreasonable standards, I just want to have good time scores instead of average.

Plus a drop leg is going to be more comfortable in full kit as far as i can tell. Not that I’m even close to having a full kit.


Not familiar with the M&P 2.0 Performance Center C.O.R.E., but it looks like the exterior is same size, shape as a regular M&P 2.0, yes? Meaning the things that make it a performance center dont affect the exterior dimensions (this is both statement & question :laughing:)

If thats the case, any holster that fits a regular M&P 2.0 (with same barrel length) should be GTG and maybe open up your options a bit.

I do know that holstering a light for sure limits your options. If you pick one of the common LEO/MIL lights like the surefire x300 you should have plenty of holsters to pick from, but then you have to buy that light…

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I am 99.99% sure this is correct. I want to say yes, but I don’t want to be the one responsible for someone buying the wrong holster :joy:. My PC shield fits any shield holster. The upgrades for the PC, from my understanding, do not change the shape of the fire arm at all (porting, upgrades sites, upgraded site mount). My M&P 2.0 5” will fit holsters from the M&P 1.0 5”. I think he’s also looking for a holster that also works with an optic. I don’t know anything about holsters that work with optics.

Many holsters work with optics. You just cut away a little bit in the slide area. Its usually OK because that area usually doesnt actually “do” anything for retention.

The light on the other hand is more difficult. Usually the retention point is around the trigger guard (the “click” or “pop” you hear when you take firearm in/out of holster), but with a light mounted that retention is now friction against the light and most lights have wildly different contact points and sizes and shapes.

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Maybe i wasn’t all that clear, my bad. I wasn’t trying to cause confusion.

I’m leaning towards a drop leg for this firearm. It will not be my daily carry. Because I’m not overly comfortable with this type of carry i want retention. Having an optic is putting a damper on which holsters are available. Most of these holsters go all the way up to the rear sights.

I don’t know if that’s part of the retention or not. This is why i was asking for help. Judging by the holsters i have found, they seem to use the light for retention and not the firearm itself.

The performance center is the same as the standard version, however the C.O.R.E. series comes with suppressor height sights. That cuts out a significant number of holsters on its own. (Also sidenote, apparently S&W stock suppressor height sights don’t co-witness with the Burris optic I have.)

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They made a holster for my SR9c with a Streamlight TRL-4 attached.