Holster for M&P Extended Full Size

Any advice for holsters for an extended M&P Full Size. I don’t plan to conceal carry, I’m really looking for a OWB for range fun, but I wouldn’t mind hearing ideas for concealment. This gun does not have a lot of options I’m familiar with.

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My favorite one - JM4 Tactical:



I love my JM4 Tactical!


Are you planning on running an optic or light?

I just ordered the 4.25" Performance Center optics cut version and discovered there’s about 3 different holster options for the set up i want, all over $200

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I wasn’t planning on it. I would like to play with one, but I also want to keep my handguns all functioning in similar ways. My carry guns all use irons, so it makes sense to keep my targeting acquisition the same with my full size. I have however been seriously considering a mounted light, but I could remove that much easier than an upgraded site.

You might have some luck with Crossbreed (excellent) or Black Point Tactical. Expensive but high quality holsters.

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Any opinions on this holster. I normally like to get a good well known brand, but I found a good video and some reviews on this holster. The price is tempting, but of course, safety is the most important to me.

Hey Spence, I remember you having trouble with this one. Do you know of any that will fit a mounted light?

I can find holsters, but I can’t find one for a light.

What style are you looking for? I know Safariland has a ton of options. You will pay top dollar but they’re also top quality.

Gunfighters Inc does chest holsters and they have a selection of lights they allow for.

I’m looking at Alien Gear right now too. They’ve added my firearm to the shapeshift list, but not with a light.

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I’m looking for just any OWB holster. I was leaning towards paddle holster. I may get a holster without a light, and just buy a light that has a quick release on it (the Olights appear to have this feature). I Alien gear may be nice because it will be Far less than $100

I have no experience with this brand, but they list a few leather holsters for your model: https://www.craftholsters.com/smith-wesson-mp-2-0-tactical-holsters.

Something to consider about holsters that accept lights… some of them are more brand/model specific than others, and some have more accessibility to the trigger guard when holstered because of the shape needed for the light to slide in. Then there’s the overall size. I have no experience with holsters that accept a light, but I looked for a few reviews as I was considering it for my M2.0 (I have the 40S&W 4.25" w/ thumb safety).

I was contemplating one of the Safariland options, but I don’t know how the 5" model will fit. I’ve been more cognizant of off-the-shelf holster options relative to my new purchases over the last year or two.

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I am expecting a holster I ordered 8 weeks ago. It is a custom kydex holster from Black Point Tactical. They make light bearing holsters. Not cheap and up to 10 weeks to receive it. Normally 7 to 8 weeks but Covid has added another 1 to 2 weeks. They are making me a holster for my Sig M17 with a Streamlight TLR8 mounted.

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Here you go (available for 5" M2.0 w/o safety):

NSR Tactical C-11 OWB Light Bearing Holster

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Thank you!