Tucker Carlson reveals the TRUTH everyone is AFRAID OF!

Was we lied to??? :scream:


I watched the entire video of this encounter several times back when it happened as well as read testimony of what happened before and after the video. I’m pretty convinced that the media on both the left and right are manipulating the truth for their puppet masters in order to continue with their divide and conquer agenda.

Here is an article that articulates my position on the matter better than I could:


Appreciate the video, but regurgitated truth, doesn’t mean it’s the truth,
Ever since that day and long before, the “truth” has always gotten in the way of their plans. Those of us who know the truth ( speaking for myself ) are beginning to think we’re nuts! I’ve been watching the news
( I have doctors orders not to…but )
slowly I’m thinking I’m the one who’s crazy!
Good thing I’m thinking that, because, technically if you think you are, YOU’RE NOT!

On a musical note, I don’t appreciate what Roger Waters has said, but his music will forever live in infamy.


What you might not be aware of in Tacoma, Washington three police officers are being charged on a similar case for murder and manslaughter

What’s happened so far in the trial of three Tacoma police officers | KNKX Public Radio.

Doctor states his cardiac arrest happened after he was constrained.


Yaaa… saw that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Just saw this. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

More than 10 dead, dozens injured in Lewiston, Maine mass shooting, sources say (msn.com)

A bowling alley in Lewiston, Maine, came under fire Wednesday evening. There are additional reports of shots fired at a local bar and a Walmart distribution center.

More than ten people are dead and dozens more have been injured, law enforcement sources who have been briefed on the shooting confirmed to ABC News.


The timing is not coincidental. I expect more of this based on college rhetoric! Watch your backs. Watch hands, eyes, clothing it’s permeated our nation, the terrorists are here. Worse they are being cheered on by our own government! We’re at DEFCON 2.

Keep those doors locked come Halloween!
This is no time to let the guard down!



At least 22 reported dead in Maine mass shooting | Watch (msn.com)


The Boston FBI stated they are ready to assist in the investigation and the ATF is going to show up, probably to plant some illegal assault weapons at the scene


ABC agency’s poaching again. :roll_eyes:


Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2 (The Wall) - 1080p Remastered

OK Scott, Let’s Light 'em up then! I’m ready! Lock N Load Brother!



The statement in you “balanced” report about applying pressure to the side of the neck is a lie:

In the Minneapolis Police Department training manual, obtained by The Daily Beast, the maneuver is said to be used on suspects that are resisting arrest. The manual details the department’s authorized use of force techniques and the differences between neck restraints and chokeholds.

A chokehold, the manual states, is a “deadly force option,” which the police department defines as “applying direct pressure on a person’s trachea or airway.” A neck restraint is a “non-deadly force option” defined as “compressing one or both sides of a person’s neck with an arm or leg, without applying direct pressure to the trachea or airway.”

It may be “similar”, but it doesn’t appear to be the “same”, as it describes the person being constrained in a different manner:

Forensic pathology expert Dr. Roger Mitchell testifying: So my, my conclusion is, I call his cause of death mechanical asphyxia due to violent subdual and restraint by law enforcement officers. The contributing cause is evidence of aspiration and blood and oral contents due to spit hood placement, methamphetamine toxicity and dilatation of the heart, and manner of death is homicide.

Aina: So that is a very, like, jargon-y and technical description of his conclusion. How do you understand what he just said?

Brown: Yeah, definitely. So Dr. Clark, the Pierce County Medical Examiner, he really zeroed in on the spit hood and how it blocked Ellis from breathing and getting oxygen to his brain. Mitchell is saying the spit hood was a big factor but the proceeding struggle and the weight of officers on Ellis’ back while he was hogtied is maybe equally important. He also said if he’d done the autopsy instead of Clark, he would have looked under the skin of Ellis’ neck, back arms, legs and face to see if there was more evidence of injury from the police officers.

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youtube objects to add blockers now… hmmm… so can’t watch stuff on there now???

not really a problem… don’t use it much anymore anyway… tired of their crap

I’ve been using ad-aware and a VPN for quite awhile now, and it seems YouTube gave up trying to get me to watch commercials. A couple days I had to close their stupid pop up, now I’m back to no interference on Firefox or chrome.


I can’t speak to what police procedure for restraints are. My EMT training, which I admit is decades old but don’t think has changed on this point, focused on making sure there are absolutely no restrictions on the neck with a patient who is having problems breathing and/or is unresponsive. Even a shirt collar would be considered a restriction that needs to be immediately loosened. It takes very little pressure to keep someone from getting enough air when they are already having issues.

Floyd was clearly subdued and unresponsive by this point. The knee was unnecessary, especially for the length of time it was applied. Even a couple of the other officers there were showing signs of concern but Chauvin waived them off.

The basic first aid training these officers almost certainly went through would have instructed them to place unresponsive people, especially people who were complaining about difficulty breathing before becoming unresponsive, on their backs to facilitate an open airway. If these officers had done that and bothered to check his pulse instead of continuing a questionable restraining method on an unresponsive suspect then it is likely none of them would have faced anything more than an internal review.

Once officers detain a suspect and remove that person’s rights to act on their own accord then they become responsible for that suspects health and well being. At least that is what our Bill of Rights implies even if authorities are ignoring it more and more these days.