If you subscribe to Fox Nation you need to be watching Tucker Carlson’s Patriot Purge, a 3 part
Investigation into 01-06-21 protests at OUR Capital.
Just a reminder you can get a year free subscription if you are a Military, LE, or First Responder.
Go to and sign up. Must see.
Just FYI all other MSM sites are trying cancel it. :us: :us: :us:


Just finished watching how the truth is stranger than the fiction and how they tried to force feed us a load of :poop:
The truth needs to be out there, but “they” don’t care!
It used to be, that in the land of the blind, the one eyed man was king, that’s no longer true. We live in the land of decepticons and daily propaganda. We need to be pushing this in their faces the same way Maxine Waters advised her people to do. Got to admit, her strategy worked.
We need to PURGE, fight fire with Greek fire, (for all those who think they walk on water) metaphorically speaking, of course.


Main stream media portrayal of ‘facts’ is reprehensible.

Relative to multiple threads across USCCA blogs, watch Making a Murderer on netflix.

Corrupt DA/prosecutor, corrupt LE, and reprehensible media who run with spoon fed ‘facts’ from the corrupt DA/prosecutor. The lack of ‘fact’ validation by journalists, editors’ mis-leads the public (you and me) to incorrect conclusions, day in, day out.

To survive in today’s world, you MUST apply a healthy dose of cynicism at ANYTHING presented to you by media representatives. This INCLUDES Mr. Carlson.