Somebody on Youtube you May Want to Subscribe to..... Very Good Info!


Very educational… and will equip you to “dialog” with the Haters and Non-thinkers.

YouTube, not Facebook…I subscribed, and will check the channel out, though I’m done with dealing with different opinions. Life is too short to waste dealing with idiots. Education is good, however.


I stand corrected… Thanks.

Listen to this guys credentials…his is more than opinion.

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It’s the opinions of the haters and non thinkers I don’t deal with anymore, not this guy. I credited the hopeful education I’ll get from your channel link
My last talk with an anti gunner went quite well, but I’m just tired of the brainwashed buzzwords repeated ad nauseum. That was a former co workers wife. I was okay with it, but the my co worker and I “got into it” on the way home from watching drag racing, and when he mocked the Constitution for " being from the 1700’s" I decided I was done with about everyone who isn’t from my club…or on a less personal relationship, this forum.


…and in a note of irony and aging, I just checked this channel, found I was subscribed and have already watched the 2a meaning vid…:smile:
Yeah, no argument with this guy.