Watch "Pro 2nd Amendment Resolution Called Insurrection Material?!?" on YouTube

Way to bring people together.


Nope. I don’t watch anything on YouTube.

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I can’t stand these talking heads, and they’re popping up everywhere. This is NVA and perhaps this guy, and others like him, will forget to hit record in the future. I’m grumpy today.

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Yeah the Communist Democrats are calling anything Constitutional “Insurrection”.

This is what happens when you let politicians ignore their oaths of office.


This video is embedded in the OP post.

Please explain your opinion, as I, and I am quite sure others, do not understand what you mean by your statement. Do you not agree with his opinion? If not, why not?

NVA, non value add. Anyone with a microphone can post this garbage. What value does it add to post it here and try to rile up people? We already have lefties for that…I’m suggesting that we don’t need it amongst our own. You may disagree.

That’s EXACTLY what we need! We need people riled up, we need people screaming at the top of their lungs that we’re not giving one more inch! Scream it at every politician regardless of which side of the isle they’re on.
Then when they provoke the bloodshed we all know is coming, they won’t have anyone to blame but themselves. They will very much try to claim victimhood though. That’s the new chic thing to do, the who is the bigger victim game.

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That’s fine. I just did not understand your prior post. I don’t have an issue with posting these types of videos. It’s your choice on whether or not to watch it or even view the thread. The advice often given about choice is, if it offends you, don’t watch it or just turn it off. Its the same with firearm laws, hoplophobes are not content with them not owning firearms, they don’t want you to have them either.


Hmmm. When some of our elected representatives say that following the 2nd Amendment is Insurrectionist and other Inflammatory language. That’s a problem. Sorry you don’t think it has no value.

Do you have a better idea on how we handle this?


You’re absolutely right. I simply disagree with posting things of no value, at least none that I see. No one is smarter after viewing that. Just my $.02. Certainly worth less. :slight_smile:

Why is this any differnet than the other dozen or two “main.important” topics we are bombarded with at every turn? At some point people get numb to it all and just want to live their lives. For me, videos like that make my eyes glaze over and send me back more important things. Each to their own.

You realize that the more you allow someone to demonize you for simple patriotic beliefs, the easier it makes it for them to marginalize entire sections of the population.

In the month and change that Biden has been in office the media and members of the Biden Administration have said:

  1. The single biggest threat to this country is Veterans and former LEO. At one point even saying they should be sent to Gitmo if they become radicalized.

  2. That they have stood down active duty Military units for 60 days to ensure they think properly.

  3. That declaring your state a Second Amendment Sanctuary is an act of Insurrection. Where by chance do you think the idea of Sanctuary States and such came from… Clue train incoming it was from cities and states that opposed Trump’s stance on Immigration.

We are in a war for the hearts and minds of our country and we are losing. Badly.

If that bored you. I don’t know what to say to you. There is an easy solution though under your controls you can pick my name out and choose to ignore any posts I make.

Sorry, I offended you. I guess you didn’t make it all the way through the video where he named the representatives. But an elected representative calling something that got passed by the Senate of Michigan is fairly inflammatory.


And that is solely your opinion. The OP thought it had value. You have the choice not to watch it and not to follow this thread. You are choosing to try to impose your will to shut him down. That attitude is part of the problem we are having today. Someone is “offended”, so the other party needs to be silenced.

Why waste so much time posting on a thread to a topic you you supposedly believe to be valueless? Just ignore it if it has no value to you. Obviously we do not agree with your opinion.


While I appreciate you speaking for the community (nice try…), I never said that the thread was a waste. The video is quite bad and one of so many posted on this (wonderful) YouTube product, where anyone can be a messenger of…whatever. Sheep will flock. It would be great, and contributory, if all information posted was top notch. It never is on a forum, from me or anyone else. Like most people, I’m fine with that. Still, just as some publicly praise the good ones, some also publicly criticize the bad ones. i’m sorry that you don’t seem to like that method.

You can’t play both sides, create sides, and so many other things that we see those we criticize doing, and claim that it is okay for us and not for “them”, whoever them is. Take your punches. Think about what others are saying. Internalize it. Grow. I certainly try to, even with all of the vile garbage recently posted here on our very own site that we love. It is getting closer to CNN vs. Fox, which is a shame.

People have their feelings and we are given a wide berth to express those here, which is great. Just as not everyone will agree with me (you…and others, for instance), not everyone will agree with you (me…and others, for instance). Bouncing up and down about how people who don’t agree with you isn’t constructive. Listening to those who disagree with you is.

The bullies win this one. I’ll continue to watch but not contribute. Just a few other important threads have been ruined by your type of notes, this one is well on its way to the same end., which is unfortunate.

The only thing I think everyone will all agree on is that we want to be able to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We are passionate about protecting and the Second Amendment. Please remember that in our discussions here.

We do allow political posts in regards to the Second Amendment, but they must remain productive conversations, not a divisive weapon to be used against others.

Not everyone is going to agree on everything - but that doesn’t make it an us vs. them situation. It makes a situation where we can learn from others.

Personally, this video lost me when the name-calling started. In general, swearing, name-calling, and personal attacks detract from a viewpoint and turn a productive argument into a baiting/nasty exchange. How can we get the message out that responsibly armed Americans aren’t a bunch of hot-heads who lose their temper during a conversation with someone they don’t agree with? We need to have productive, civil conversations - even when we disagree.