Tucker Carlson interviews former Chief of Capitol Police wrt Jan 06

Wow! Bombshell interview!


Color me cynical, but why wasn’t he blowing the whistle during all of those trials for January 6 defendants? Those people’s lives are ruined. I watched the tapes that got released and I honestly didn’t think there was a felony/serious crime committed. If you watched the Q Anon Shaman (dude with the buffalo horns) the police escorted him around the Senate chamber and, even waved him up to the pulpit.

The only violence that looked criminal to me (I am not a lawyer) was the shooting of Ashley Babbit. If you compare Jan. 6 to the George Floyd and BLM “peaceful protests” January 6 was a Sunday School outing.

The one thing that really burns me up. The knowledge of the Oathkeepers and the Proud Boys going to the Capital on January 6 was such common knowledge. We even talked about it here like 2-3 weeks before January 6. I talked to a guy and his son on January 1st while we were checking out of the hotel we stayed in for New Years. This Administration has tried to spin this story that Jan. 6 was a huge surprise. He11, Nancy Pelosi was even shooting a documentary and talked about scaling things down so she could punch Donald Trump.

It doesn’t really make sense to me. All I know for sure is the Justice System doesn’t feel like Justice is blind anymore.

What’s really funny to me. The FBI was able to find over 600 January 6 defendants with no names, no sign in sheets, nothing to start with other than video.Yet, in one of the most tightly secured buildings in the whole world with sign in sheets, with video, with security, they can’t find who brought Cocaine into the Whitehouse. Or who leaked the Dobbs opinion only 123 actual suspects and the freaking entirety of the Federal Govt. can’t find them.


Welcome to the Democrat world of corruption and fraud. “Do as we say not as we do” and “You are to believe everything we tell you and like it”


He was a patsy. From his perspective, the building he was in charge of WAS being breached. He called for reinforcements and was DENIED by Pelosi, whose daughter just happened to be there not just with a cell phone camera, but actual camera equipment. It was a setup from the get go. He was not called to testify by the J6 commission. Seems awfully odd that the single most accountable person for Capitol security was not questioned. He wrote a book to capture everything that happened on that day from his perspective so it would not be lost to history. In watching the interview I found him to be sincere and credible.

While his interview doesn’t explain what happened that day in totality, it provides many new avenues to finding where the truth lies. Why was Pelosi or McConnell never questioned about why they didn’t approve extra support? Why were the Seargents of arms for House and Senate never questioned? Why was the Chief omitted from the intelligence?


I’m aware. But he could have made his insights available during the criminal phase of the Jan. 6 defendants trials or during the Circus of the Jan. 6 hearings. Fairly sure that there were media outlets he could have gone to. I’m cynical, but it feels like he held out til he could get his book and what not out first.

But, again I have a jaundiced view of humanity now.


He couldn’t have if his testimony had been blocked in pre trial hearings by a good prosecutor. Whatever he said outside of court wouldn’t have mattered as the jury isnt supposed to hear it, or consider it. We’ll never know what evidence was blocked or allowed before the trial.

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I’m with ya.

More from Jan 6th, sounds kinda clintonish

“ Eight days after the Capitol incursion, on Jan. 15, Smith shot himself in his car while on his way to work.

As Smith had no recorded history of depression, according to the New York Times, his wife believes his injuries incurred at the Capitol “clearly caused his death.”