Tucker Carlson on our civil rights being gutted due to Capitol Hill rioting

Have not seen the 10s of millions active on a regular bases aside from occasionally coming out to vote for the person who tells them what they want to hear and calling it good. There are always small cores of very vocal people who take action on their personal core cares. From personal observation I believe the vast majority of folks just want to be left alone to live their lives. Few are willing to be active learners or strong supporters of the entire system. That is what allows the small percentage of sociopaths to always rise to power and control things no matter what form of government is chosen.

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They will just blame Trump for the next few decades. I’m being 100% serious.

I agree this will be the case, but I think this is bad. We are already divided based on which news you hear and that divide will increase as the stories between MSM and MAGA-like media increasingly diverge in their descriptions of reality.

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They can blame, but it won’t be Trump closing down fracking sites and raising energy prices and telling people not to eat beef, and… and … and…

The alternative is to succumb to the left-wing narrative, because MSM is deranged. People who consume MSM will unfortunately have to hit rock bottom, like an addict, before they start to recover. It will be something like the former Soviet Union, when the Party news tells people all is peachy while they witness a nuclear disaster unfolding.

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What decision have I made? You can disagree with whatever you want, that does not make you right nor any less ignorant and bigoted.

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Like ladies in skirts with their children on the playground. We just need to be mindful of the motorcycle gangs. :rofl:


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Clubs… they are clubs!!!
Gangs are so ‘rebel without a clue’





Wow! Never thought my views were controversial.

I just read Biden’s plan for gun control. I do think that the government has a compelling public health mandate to address illegal gun violence. And I believe that police shootings are a part of the problem and not a solution. I do not think that they will be able to push this agenda through congress, even given recent majority in the Senate. Executive Authority is limited and we should do what we can to limit overreaching. For my part I will be agitating against executive actions as is my right, and yours.

Moreover, I believe that government has a very compelling interest and can limit religious gatherings in the face of a public health emergency. I do not have an issue with this.


How? More laws?


You should, especially when it specifically targets churches and enforces harsher rules than against non-churches. Why would you single out its ok to target churches, but not mention its OK to limit other places? The right to worship is one of our rights that you earlier said we had. There should be no targeting of religious ceremonies or groups if you aren’t doing it to other groups equally (or at all).

As an example, Nevada set a rule that said casinos and the like were limited to 50% capacity. Sounds reasonable right? Well churches could only have a maximum of 50 people period. Why?

No matter how large the church (some churches can hold hundreds if not thousands at a time), they could only have 50 people max. But a casino, can have 50% capacity. Is there a medical reason why you are less likely to get COVID while playing blackjack vs praying? Both are large open buildings, both can enforce 6ft+ rules, church is for an hour, casinos are as long as you want. If you want to ban singing, ok fine. The case went all the way to the supreme court, where the casino’s won on a 5-4 decision. I’ll quote some dissenting opinion below.

“A public health emergency does not give governors and other public officials carte blanche to disregard the Constitution for as long as the medical problem persists,” Justice Alito wrote.

“The world we inhabit today, with a pandemic upon us, poses unusual challenges,” he [Justice Neil M. Gorsuch] wrote. “But there is no world in which the Constitution permits Nevada to favor Caesars Palace over Calvary Chapel.”

Link to a non-conservative news source for more information if you’d like:

There are also instances in NYC of DeBlasio specifically, and Cuomo to a lesser extent targeting the Jewish communities similarly with different harsher COVID rules than businesses. I don’t have those links to hand like I do the SC, but if you are interested I can certainly dig them up.

I would be curious if you had heard of these cases before today?


One thing I liked in Biden’s proposal is the idea of having guns that can only be fired by the owner. One of my fears about going armed is having bad guys overpower me and take my gun. I am largely unable to fight back, that’s why I started carrying. I’d be very interested in a gun that makes that impossible. But widespread implementation of this is a generation away, at least. Nonetheless, I approve of Biden trying to make this a reality.

The thing about government is that it has only a few vehicles for implementing policy. One is laws. Another is executive authority. Another is agency regulations. Another is court action. It is hardly surprising that Biden would want to use the levers of power available to him, they are the levers that he will control.

I think that we all need to continue to educate about the legitimate use of deadly force. And we all must engage with government rather than complaining about what is happening. Let’s show them what good guys with guns look like and how we are committed to protecting the innocent. I think that mindless gun control would fail if we were widely known and understood.

Actually, casinos and churches are not the same. I do know something of both. I was regularly playing casino blackjack from March through August when things got a lot bleaker. I felt almost entirely safe at the casino, as safe as I was anywhere except home. The blackjack tables had been reduced from 6 players to 3. And there were plexiglass dividers between players and between players and dealers. Half the slot machines were disabled so that no player could be close to another. Did churches take similar/corresponding precautions? How to keep distance between parishoners? Did churches figure this out for themselves? My gun range is open but it has very heavy air circulation. Air in the range is recirculated every 90 seconds. Did churches do this?

Since you can’t fight back now they take your gun and a finger (or eye if you go the rental route). Nothing is impossible and locks, or biometric guns, still only keep honest people honest.


I understand, but I think this is a case where well-intentioned legislation would hurt well-meaning citizens while doing little to hinder outlaws.

Take your example. If a couple of baddies overpower and rob you, do you think they’re worried about the law which could punish them for using your firearm against you? They’ve already committed assault and, if they’ve taken your firearm, theft. If they’re willing to commit manslaughter, they’re probably not worried about the firearm law.

Now put yourself in a home invasion scenario (because we carry defense weapons, not assault weapons). You give a firearm registered in your name to your spouse while you check on the kids. The burglar enters your bedroom and your spouse uses the firearm in self defense. Except now your spouse is a criminal, because the firearm was registered in your name.