Truckers and Self-Defense: The Safety Issues Truck Drivers Face

*This post contains a graphic image of the result of an assault on truck driver Amos Phillips.

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I can’t speak to the odds of success, but in our litigious society, I would love to see an employer sued if their company policies (specifically a policy against self-defense) endangered their employees. There are numerous examples, some of which we’ve talked about on this forum. I know there are many who will state that if you don’t like the policy, quit. But when we’re talking about professional drivers- whether truckers, cabbies, or Uber drivers- the right to self-defense should never be infringed upon. They’re easy targets for criminals, and the mobility of their job means that they don’t get the kinds of physical security that people get in an office. It just seems cruel to send them out among the wolves with no means to defend themselves.