Delivery Driver Shoots in Self-Defense

There have been countless stories about packages being stolen from porches during the holiday season. Evidently these criminals couldn’t wait for the packages to be placed on the porches and attacked the delivery guy.

Did you ever think being a delivery person would be a dangerous occupation?


My brother was attacked as an attempted robbery while delivering pizzas… he was in college after mustering out of the Navy. Armed wasn’t an option for reasons having to with the job rules. In the process my brother got hurt, but let’s just say it was a Very Bad Choice on the part of the robber.

My brother recovered, but it’s part of why he and I see eye to eye on the need for self protection.


I’ve heard of many pizza delivery drivers being robbed but UPS and FedEx? Never. I don’t blame them for carrying.


I delivered for UPS for 7 years as a route driver, worked in management for 9 years in the local delivery offices training and supervising drivers in my 20 years I worked there. You’d be surprised how dangerous that job is. From dog attacks, swoop and stop insurance scam artists, gang violent prone areas, to high value stops, etc.


I hope he recovers quickly…

The thing that I wonder, is how this incident will affect his job. Hopefully it doesn’t have any negative effects on his employment. I remember news stories from many years ago about employees getting fired for defending themselves and customers in harrowing situations.