Trouble with Ruger 25 round magazine

When I brought my Ruger 1022 I also purchased a Ruger 25 round magazine. It constantly misfeeds and looking on the internet I an not the only one with this problem. I emailed Ruger but they have not responded. On the internet some fixes were suggested but did not work. My local gunsmith suggested trying a different manufacturer but which one? Right now I have 4 10round magazines but it would be nice to have at 25 round one,

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Have you tried different ammunition with different nose shapes?
Round nose
Truncated cone
Hollow points


The 10/22 simply works the most reliably with the factory Ruger 10 round rotary magazines. If you really want to prioritize reliability, IMO, use CCI Mini Mags and an OEM rotary magazine with enough/little more than you think lube. It’ll work.

Trust me, as an instructor at Appleseeds for years I’ve seen my share of 10/22’s.

If you really want more capacity, and haven’t tried a butler creek hot lips mag, try that. And CCI ammo, or some other “high velocity” ammo that is not packed in loose bulk.

Most .22lr malfunctions are cheap bulk crap inconsistent ammo, followed by lack lube


Try the CCI Velocitor.


It is not the ammo, right now I am using CCI 1250 fps ammo. The magazine fits loose you can shake it back and forth in the gun. I also suspect the follower in the mag is loose,

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I had that same issue. I watched YouTube videos where people were saying to put tape around the top of the mag and it’ll sit tighter and not wobble and that would fix things. I tried all that and it still stove-piped a lot, and it didn’t matter if I was using BX-25s or the regular 10rd mags. I swapped to CCI mini mags and it helped a lot, but still occasionally stove-piped. Yes, I kept it thoroughly cleaned. I eventually put a Kidd Receiver in it and it seems to have fixed the issue. It was an older 10/22 that I picked up at Walmart back in the mid 90s. Maybe it was just a bad period for the model or made with low quality control.
I bought a new one recently with stainless steel barrel, etc., and it hasn’t had an issue with anything.


I have been dealing with similar issues on some other firearms. If you are not using the 40 gr. MiniMag you may want to give it a try. The 20gr. and 30gr. ammo may not be generating enough pressure proper cycling.

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@Fred30 Im not sure if you were able to solve your problem or not. I think part of the issue with the 10/22s is that they haven’t had very tight tolerances with the mag wells over the years. So I think most mags need to leave wiggle room to make sure they’ll fit. I personally haven’t had issues with the Ruger mags but you might try these adjustable mags if you are still having problems.

They are a little pricey but I bought a couple before the Ruger 25 round mags were available and they worked well for me after I adjusted them to fit my rifle.