Problem with 25 round magazines for Ruger 10/22 solved!

I brought a 25 round magazine to go with my rifle but I had feeding issues. Looked on line and saw other people had the same issues with possible fixes, but none for me. The ammo I was using worked well with the 10 round magazines. I even tried a different brand of magazine, hc3r, but still having issues. Seeing one video they were using Federal ammo I gave that a try. It worked perfectly for 1000 rounds! I know some types of ammo don’t well with some guns but I didn’t know magazines can be fussy too. By the way the hc3r is a great magazine easy to reload but the rapid reload does not work for me. Now I have 3 25 round magazines, 4 10 round magazines ready for when Illinois bans high capacity magazines.


I guess I will give the hc3r II a try. I have all but given up on my 10/22 (or AR-22) because of the feed issues. I have more rounds on the ground than those going down range on target! I have loathed firing it for those feed issues regardless of the mags having steel lips, polymer lips, 10 round or 25 round mags, it’s always issues, issues, issues. So maybe this will be my breakthrough. Thanks for your post!


I like the 10/22 tri-mag especially when hunting through thick cover as it does not stick as far down as the 25 round mag.


@William220, Man that is so cool! I didn’t know this existed! I am definitely going to purchase this item.
Oooh, but wait a minute, that would mean I have to remove the furniture that I have on it first and re-install the stock furniture. Hmm. Or I could just acquire another t0/22. Thanks anyway for that valuable tip! lol I’m, in the know, now! lol


The older BX25 mags had an issue with a plastic pin that was too small. A 22 short case slipped over it was the fix. I have quite a few BX25 mags and the all work.

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The Federal ammo I use is rated at 1200fps. I did have a issue with one hc3r mag today but the problem was that I fed the mag incorrectly. Was easy to take apart and redo.