To Sig P322 owners, how do you rate it?

I really like my Sig, it fits my hand, easy to field strip and I am accurate with it. The problem I have is the feeding issue. I have been using Federal ammo mainly because I had problems with the 25 round magazines for my Ruger 10/22 and magazines work great with that rifle. With the Sig sometimes I go thru a mag with no problems but normally I get 2 misfeeds per mag. I tried 200 rounds of CCI and had only 1 problem. Contacting Sig they said they tried all different ammos with no problems which to me is total BS. I believe the problem is the feeding ramp and the shape of the bullet. The other issue people have with the P322 is dirt/lead fouling. I clean my Sig every 200-250 rounds and so far no problems with that issue. Now my JRC 9mm carbine that is a dirty gun but it easy to clean but there are more areas to clean then their vidio shows.

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I’ve been playing with my brother’s 22 pistols and revolver. All exhibit some degree of malfunction, typically a light primer strike which is cured by pulling the trigger again (they are DA/SA guns). I’m trying to decide what to spend my Cabela’s points on.

I shot 50 rounds through the P322 at my range and really liked it. But I did have one malfunction. The range, which rented me the P322 said that they clean it every 1,000 rounds (20 boxes of ammo) or so.

When you clean your P322, do you immerse the barrel in an ultrasonic cleaner? I was wondering whether that could take care of the fouling issues reported by owners.

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Hoppes #9 and a wire brush.

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Coming up on 5,000 rds on my P322. It runs phenomenal so far with Federal but im having alot of issues with some bulk Remington. Ive tried CCI mini mags and worked great also.

Extremely accurate of a rest. I shot a couple sub 2" 25yd 10 shot groups with Federal Automatch.

Im going to measure some of the Remington ammo as i definitely feel the issues were ammo related as with the Federal i had almost ZERO issues.

I will be testing various ammo types going forward to get a comparison against th Glock 44 i ran and posted results here on the forum.

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Federal and CCI always work well for me. Malfunction issues with some .22 shooters is limp resting. Really. We unconsciously tend to relax our grip because we know there isn’t going to be a big boom and slap. Pretend like you’re shooting a 1911 - it may help.

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Mine strikes me as another mid quality .22 auto. I get a LOT of light hammer strikes (no bang) and a few fte’s. The most consistently reliable .22 auto’s I’ve ever used ( and I’ve used/owned a LOT) are the old Ruger Mk’s and Browning Buckmark’s. They run pretty solid. For any serious work with a .22 it’s going to be a revolver.

The way I clean my guns I check if the chamber is clear then field them. Then I run a wet patch thru the barrel and set it aside. After I clean and oil the rest of the gun I go back to the barrel run my wire brush then wet patches till they come clean and one final dry patch, I just had a gunsmith inspect it today and it still looks like new after (guessing) 4000 rounds. You Tube does not always show were to to clean or lube. The dirtiest gun I have is my 9mm carbine, specifically the chamber and magazine which is probably due that is a blowdown,