Has anyone tried the Sig P322?

I have a chance to purchase the Sig P322 from my local dealer. I just wonder if it is worth the money? On line there seems to be some feeding issues but they seem to occur when the magazine is incorrectly fed.

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Perhaps they’ll give you an upgrade like the others that have issues. They seem to enjoy court cases.

Seems they have won some of those cases if i remember correctly.

I bought it and love it.

I haven’t had a single issue with it at all. Granted, I’ve only used Federal Automatch 40 grain in it but next time I go out, my brother-in-law is bring some of his mix of .22 ammo to test it out with.

You are correct in that most, if not all, of the feeding issues that are being reported can be traced back to improper loading of the magazine. If you load the mag properly, the only issues that should arise on the standard “It’s .22 ammo” issues.


The videos I’ve seen of it makes it look like a very fun gun.

This is just my thoughts on sig, if you win some cases, offer an upgrade ( not a recall) but your upgrade still doesn’t work & goes off for no apparent reason while holstered at any given time or day, why would you trust this company? I’m sure they make some fine firearms I don’t like their ethics. Once again just me…

That same thinking and process is what Glock has done as well you just dont hear about it that much anymore. I’ve been running a Glock of some kind since 1993. Granted Sig does some things that i do not like, dont get me wrong.

I look at what Sig has done as this at least when there is an upgrade needed or a problem they announce it, do i wish they would do more testing and put out a better product at the start? Hell yes. Glock on the other hand keeps things very quiet and hush hush. You know Glock perfection and all​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:. I have friends that are active duty or retired LEO or SO and you would be surprised of the “upgrades” Glock has had to take care of. Ill give one or two quick examples.

Glock Gen 4 9mm, recoil spring and ejector assemblies.

And there was a batch of frames several years ago that the frame rail were snapping off. Myself and several LEOS in my area were personally affected by this with breakages.

I will say this i am a Glock fanboy. Tattoos and all to prove it and a Glock has saved my A$$ more than once. They are one of if not the most reliable and durable handguns on the planet, but they are far from perfect and they have started to stagnate as a company.

Sig is very quickly becoming the dominant striker fired King of handguns, were the 320s perfect on release? no. Is Sig a bad company?no.

Is the 320 a dangerous weapon? i dont think so.
I sold all my 320s years ago after all the drop safety crap and went back to my Glocks full time.

I am recently getting back into Sigs again after years of watching and listening for problems. Everything i have heard and seen has been very positive except for a couple yet unresolved incidents that are still being looked at in court.

You gotta remember this as well, Sig made a bold move on the military contracts and some in the firearms industry are not happy that Glock lost.

At the end of the day we all get to choose what we want to carry and if you dont like Sig or Glock, carry something that makes you happy.


I can’t personally attest to the feed issues, but everything I have seen or heard points to correctly loading the magazine. How the design allows for so many problems by others is a head scratcher.

I will say they are very fun to shoot. Got to use a couple at Sig Freedom Days back in May. Got to use one with a silencer and one without. Both were so enjoyable my wife got in line several times for the 322 alone…


I brought the Sig yesterday, The first thing I did was to clean and lubricate it. Found out Sig test fires these guns before they send then out that is a plus in my book. Next I filled the two magazines which are doubled stacked. If you push down too hard on the follower and drop down the bullet you create a empty space the bullet falls and incorrectly lands in the mag which will cause a miss feed. I also have to be a little careful with the mags on my Glock 44. By the way the Glock’s rear sight the screw for the windage was stripped out straight out of factory, After cleaning and lubing the Sig I took it on the firing range I shot 40 rounds with no problems. The gun is accurate and great fun to shoot!

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For those of you withe the p322, i have seen several complaints about serious barral fouling, have you experienced that?

On one hand it is a Sig. On the other, it is a .22.

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I have not, But I also don’t have that many rounds through my pistol.

I am hoping to change that in the near future but alas, life has kept me from the range lately

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You should expect serious barrel fouling, it’s a .22LR cartridge. Probably the “dirtiest” cartridge in production today.

Im really interested in the p322 but have seen multiple videos of people have some of the worst fouling ive ever seen in a .22.

I have a Glock 44 that i did a write up here on the forum and ran thousands and thousands of rounds with zero issues.

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I agree with both of these quotes.

I’ve said this many times on here, I do not like how sigs don’t have passive trigger safeties, and I don’t like that they have some lack of redundancy in parts (p365 striker safety and sear contact point are on the same arm).

However, they are dominating the space with innovation. I’m always intrigued with what they are releasing.

I personally won’t buy one, more specifically a p320. The 365 series seems to be perfectly fine, though it still lacks some basic things for me. I’d rather have a G43 with 6 rounds and trust it, than have 10 and have personal doubts. (Personal preference, I wouldn’t tell people not to buy one).

Glocks been around for a long time, and I’m certain they’ve had issues (all the companies have) but I’m confident most of those nasty accidental discharge stories are more about Leo’s switching from 2A/SA to striker fired. Just my ignorant 2cents.

Edit: I’m also skeptical of theses stories about the p320 just “going off”. I could see someone trying to blame the gun for their own negligence. BUT I think partly why it’s believable was that whole drop safety debacle they had right after winning over the military contract.

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Well, we’ll find out about the reported bugs. My wife really wanted a .22 caliber pistol and we picked up a P322 today while we were at class.
Will be taking it out to shoot tomorrow.


Would love to hear your feedback on it when you get a chance.

Shot about 160 rounds thru it. Feels great in my hand, the trigger is also great. The sights seem pretty good and so far no adjustments had to be made. No manual included but available on line however it’s 80 pages long! It comes with a attachment to make reloading the mags easier but care must be taken inserting the bullets making sure you do not push the follower too far down. One time I had the follower halfway down and created a big empty space the next two bullets went sideways. Had to take apart the mag for that one and the mag is easy to take apart. Any misfeeds would be mostly traced to bad ammo or incorrectly loading the mag. Too early to tell about the lead fouling issue but as I clean and lube my guns at 250 rounds or less I don’t see it as a issue.

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Well, was all excited at first. Did not have any .22 ammo so bought what the range had available, which was an Aguila hollow point.
Unfortunately, this ammo had alot of no fire issues. When it did fire, the gun shot really nice and accurate.
Got tired of clearing bad rounds so set it aside.
The pistol itself seems fine. I did further reading after getting home and alot of people with issues seemed to stem from Aguila hollow points.
Ordered 200 rounds of CCI mini mag, which seems to be recommended so hoping for better luck next visit.
I cleaned the pistol before we went, and will clean it again before the next visit.
Kinda bummed as this is the first pistol we have had problems with out of the box :frowning:

My Ruger 57 decided to start having ejection issues today as well, so the range visit was a bit frustrating overall. Some days are just like that :angry:


Sorry to hear that

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