Sig P938 Mag Release Issues

After reading a couple of threads regarding “reloading” or magazine swaps ( No peaking: Reloading without looking and Reloading speed ), I did some snap cap reload drills with my Sig Sauer P938 last night.

Results were a bit disappointing because after inserting and racking the slide on the replacement magazine, the magazine was frequently falling out on the ground. I stopped to investigate and found the magazine release was not consistently engaging and retaining the magazine - even when the magazine was pushed all the way in. It would sometimes require multiple hard insertions and “taps” to get the magazine retained in the grip.

Did the internet search and found many people have had this issue. Some of the “gurus” suggested buying a different spring, cutting it to length; others said stretch the original spring, and finally I started finding posts that said Sig recognized the problem and came out with a 2nd generation magazine release design that I found no issues reported.

I took mine out this morning and did a RemOil blast inside the spring hole. A lot of black residue came out. I reassembled and tested and it seems to be fixed. I guess enough had built up over thousands of rounds of firing to impede the spring’s function.

It being New Year’s Eve, I am going to wait until next week to contact Sig to find out if my SN has Gen1 or Gen2 design installed.

Just wanted to post so others with the same model would be aware. We all know it is better to find out in training rather than active self defense.


I’m thinking it was just gunked up. I saw similar after shooting a bunch of “dirty” reloads. Hit it hard with guns rubber, oiled, and never had a recurrence.


Thanks @Gary_H for sharing the story.
That is the prove that first step to fix semi auto pistol failures is complete cleaning.

Happy New Year !


“Who’s the dummy now!”

I guess I am :hushed: Shown exaggerated in photo below, the pinky extension had slid up making full insertion into the mag well challenging. There is a retention feature that should have prevented this, but it didn’t.

Regardless, it did not hurt to R&R the mag release, it was pretty nasty!

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Just got off the phone with Sig Sauer. They do not maintain configuration control by Serial Number. Therefore, they have no idea what Revision my magazine release is. They did offer to inspect my firearm if I wanted to ship it to them for analysis. I will not be exercising that option at this time.

Regarding the slip and slide on the pinky extension, they also offered to have me ship the magazines for their analysis. After I analyzed the design I have concluded two things:

  1. The retention feature is only molded into one side and should be as a minimum molded into two sides
  2. The retention feature should be at least twice as deep for long term reliability.

Short term workaround (for me) will be to press on the metal bottom of the magazine to insert (as opposed to pushing with the palm of hand). Long term, I will probably match drill a couple of holes thru the side of the magazine and the pinky extension as shown below. A small diameter stainless steel wire will be pushed thru the new holes and trimmed to length to retain the pinky extension in place.

Did Sig offer to replace the magazine as it’s defective, @Gary_H?

(FYI for those of you who don’t know, this is what it should look like)

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No, @Dawn, they did not. However, at $52 each they are proud of them! :grinning:

I honestly did not experience a problem with them until I started letting them free-fall (empty) onto a rug during magazine reload drills. I do not anticipate them addressing this issue unless quite a few more complaints start coming in.

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FWIW,the ones I had for nine did exactly the SAME thing. Think it likely a common issue…

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