TriStar 12 gauge pump shotgun

Recently I was given a TriStar 12 gauge shotgun and now I know why, it seems to have problems feeding the shell into the barrel kinda like the timing is off the shell hangs on the top side of the barrel any suggestions, kinda want to fix it myself as kind of a tinker project just to learn more.


Don’t know if this affects your firearm…

Recall - TriStar Arms


I’ll check when I get home

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I don’t know anything about TriStar shotguns. But I had a similar sounding issue. I bought some cheap target shells and some of them were ever so slightly misshapen causing them to catch on the barrel.

If it’s not the ammo then maybe the lifter is slightly bent or out of alignment?


I had similar problem with my Mossberg 835. I replaced the shell stop and shell interruptor and that fixed my problem.

Not sure what the internals are for the Tristar but I would start at the magazine feed tube.


When I was looking at it last night it looked like the lifter could be bent I’ll know more when I take it apart


Is TriStar also the manufacturer of Escort shotguns?