Trip to see Dawn at USCCA Headquarters


We have brought this up a couple of times in different threads so now it is time it has its own Topic.

I personally (with notice) can take off any day of the week to make this trip. I know my son would like it to be a Friday or Saturday so he would not have to take time off.

Lets here it and see what day would work for the most people wanting to go. After we find a day of the week we can start looking at actual dates.

@Dawn you also need to pipe in so we know what works for you. I mean it would be a good to see Headquarter without you but getting to meet our community BBMFIC would make it even better.

I put this in Regional but anyone wanting to make the trip or will be in the area when we do it is more than welcome.

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I’m all for it. It’s about a 5 1/2 hour drive from where I’m at but that’s nothing for me. Friday or Saturday would work best for me as well.


I’m in! I could make the loOoOong trip. (By that I mean 20 min. Haha!) With notice I can plan a day off.


Still waiting on @Dawn to make a comment here to see if there is a bad day for her.

You guys kill me!

I could go day by day through my calendar… :rofl:

I’d say later in Summer when the weather’s nice and travel will be easier. (I’m also pretty booked every weekend between now and July and I’m guessing a weekend would work better for you all.)

I have some Saturday work days coming up, along with activities with Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and my photography. I have about a 2 hr. drive north.

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