Visited West Bend finally

Finally got to stop in West Bend had a great tour bi Bob got to meet and chat with Tim for a few (great just everyday guy) really nice complex…looking forward to my next visit…Tim


I thought you were talking about Texas at first but then my brain kicked in and realized your talking about USCCA.

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With spring coming it’s time to think about a fishing trip to some family property north of Green Bay. West Bend would not be too far out of the way going or coming back to the flat land. Something to think about. Six hour ride just need to time it during working hours. Did you call ahead or just drop in?

Had to drive out to Random Lake back in October to pick up my Mustang.

Love West Bend. Winter is over for a couple of days. Starts back up around the 20th.

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Yes I called a few days before…still can’t say enough about the place I’m glad I’m a member…Tim

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