Traveling abroad in another country


This is a parallel topic to firearms - mostly because its a situation whereby we are unarmed as we are traveling outside of the United States. In our home states, we are familiar with our States carry laws. But when you are outside the United States and not able to carry a firearm, what steps do you take to insure your safety? In my work on the Federal level, I cannot go into detail on what exactly I do, but I can give you some baseline safety tips on how to maintain security awareness and not make yourself a target.

BEFORE you leave: Contact the State Department and see if there are any security advisories in the country that you are planning travel too. Make sure that you know exactly where the US Embassy is in the country you’re headed to. Call that embassy and ask them if they are aware of any local concerns. Tell them where you are staying and how many are in your group and the dates of your travel there.

WHEN you arrive: Be sure not to wear anything that identifies you as an American. Something that says “USA” might as well be spelled T-A-R-G-E-T. Understand that you do not have a Second Amendment right when you are not on US soil. Do not take the same route to your hotel or eat at the same restaurant two days in a row. Be aware if the same car passes you more than once or a person is “eyeing you” or monitoring you. Have a duress word known to the members of your group that can be casually used to alert the group to a problem. (I will usually create a fictional person and say that we need to meet up with that person as a duress code)

Enjoyable business trips and relaxing vacations are due to planning. No one likes to have the unpleasant “Security Conversation.” But if you PLAN for this element and understand what to do, the better and ultimately SAFER the trip will be. There is ALWAYS a chance on any trip that something will go sideways on you.

The time to prepare for that is not when the emergency is happening. That’s when you will PANICK, rather than RESPOND to the emergency. If you have already PLANNED what to do, if the emergency happens, your brain will automatically engage into what you have planned.


Very good tips. Thank you

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Luckily i don’t fly, I drive wherever I go so that means I don’t leave the country. I don’t go anywhere where CC is not permitted. I guess you can say I’m a simple person lol😂


That’s true, I don’t travel all that often either. Just on the remote chance that you do - these are just good tips to remember if you travel abroad. @Dawn does the USCCA have any videos on the subject?


We don’t have any international reference material as the laws are completely different in other countries, @Deril. When I travel internationally (which is not nearly often enough), I treat it much like going somewhere local where I cannot carry. I’m also always trying to make sure I don’t look too much like a tourist (think Kevin’s Hawaiian shirt :wink: ).

One thing I do try to take with me no matter where I go is a knife. I pack it in my checked luggage. Haven’t had any issues with it so far. I did some backpacking in Spain with my dad a couple of years ago and there was no way I was going to be without my knife. I would have bought one there if I had to.

Here’s a video Beth A did on air travel domestically with a firearm - she does talk about cruise ships in this one too:

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@Dawn, traveling domestically with a firearm is one important subject that we need to dig into. That’s an excellent topic for this community too. The topic I am talking about is basic security awareness in a foreign country when you are unarmed. You made excellent points in that you can in some countries pack a knife at least. You also have the option of buying one in the country that you are traveling too. But you need to also be aware that in London, there is a blade ban in affect. If a Constable sees you with one, that could cause legal problems for you. That’s a question that you should talk with the Embassy in that country to decide if you want to travel there.

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@Dawn all of Beth’s information is 100% correct and spot on as far as domestic travel and travel on an airplane or cruise ships. I also liked how she mentioned the state to state travel too.


in the times we are in yes we are targets and more as you put so well.

i do not travel aboard and do not intend to at the moment

always be prepared


Above, you said: " Understand that you do not have a Second Amendment right when you are not on US soil." I have news for you: you don’t have a second amendment right ON US soil anymore!

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