Welcome to the Community! Please Introduce Yourself

That’s awesome, @45IPAC! Did you see that Kevin Michalowski has joined the USCCA community? He won’t be on much over the next week due to the Shot Show, but he’s dropping by from time to time.

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I finally got this account created but I had to use a different link.

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Hi, I’m a Former Soldier with 8 years Army and I’m currently trying to rejoin the Military. I’m what they refer to as a BRAT… My dad was also a soldier. But I learned to shoot on a Stevens Favorite .22 rolling block 1915 which I’m redoing to make sure it last so my grandkids someday can learn on it too. I did 6 years MMA, also assisted in teaching life guards how to deal with combative victims. I build some rifles and I also do upgrades to weapons when I can. Married with 2 wee ones right now??? Oh I also am a gamer in my spare time and do some woodworking and general construction project all in my spare time… anything else?? :clown_face::clown_face:


It’s great to see so many new faces here, welcome to all of you. Our world of shooting is so misunderstood by so many, don’t ever get discouraged, we are here to support each other and help to keep everyone informed and educated. Never be afraid to ask questions, the only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked, all others are relevant.
God Bless to all. :sunglasses:


Hi Kevin, I am curious to know if USCCA has any videos for folks considering travel abroad? I am a Federal employee and have suggested a few points for folks to consider, I am just looking into whether you or @Dawn have any thoughts to add to to the discussion?

Hi @Deril, check out video I posted on this thread: Traveling abroad in another country

I am from Missouri. I have been carrying and training for about a year and half. My younger son has type 1 diabetes and one of biggest fears was being car jacked or him being abducted and with no insulin, well, the thought makes me sick. I am a huge of advocate of training with your weapon. I am a huge Sig Sauer fan and carry the P938 although it seems to be malfunctioning now that the P938 legion has come out :slight_smile: I homeschool my youngest and just joined an outdoor rifle range so that we can shoot together during the day . I am very glad to be here and hope to get more women involved in self defense as the crime rate keeps rising and the laws are getting more lenient.


Welcome to the USCCA Community @TWeinzerl! I’m so excited to see you here!

Sounds like you’ve got the need (or desire (?)) to get a new gun! We’ve got a great conversation going about getting a new gun here: New Concealed Carry Gun - What do you suggest?

Can’t wait to have more discussions with you!


It is fun! We use ITarget in our dining room! It is a bit tricky to get the lighting right because if it detects light from the hallway it counts it as a shot and always in a bad spot. I mean, if it hit the bulls eye I wouldn’t mind so much but on the edge of the target? That’s just not even right! LOL

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I’m a US NAVY Veteran, after leaving the service in 1970, I became a Railroad LEO Patrolman, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Superintendent, retiring as a Supv Special Agent in 2009. So you could say I’ve carried a weapon my whole adult life. I’m not expert but I do like to share what knowledge I’ve obtained during my 38 years on the job.


Thank you for your service, Maddog! It’s great to have you here!

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Thank you for your service @maddog

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PGRSteve here. I am an Air Force vet who comes from a family of vets (Grandfather, father, both brothers, brother in law and me). Growing up in the military, I learned at an early age the importance of firearms as tools as well as self defense. I also learned that being complacent about our 2nd amendment can ultimately cost us freedoms that my family has long defended. I train as much as I am able and I watch as many videos and feeds that I can (at my old age of 60). Why? I want to be as safe and knowledgeable as I can be because carrying a firearm is a bigger responsibility than most people think that it is. I am honored to be a part of a group that understands the need to put responsible gun ownership into a good light while there is so much bad media out there about us.


Welcome, @PGRSteve Thank you for your service - and the service of your family members! We are honored to have you in the USCCA Online Community!

I love your view of training! I’m looking forward to seeing the great conversations to come!

Hello everyone! My name is Ben. I’m just an average guy who loves everything about Firearms & self-defense. I’ve been a USCCA member for just over a year and a half. Thank you @Dawn for inviting me to the Community.


Welcome dude!! Jump in and get it stirred up!! We’re here to exchange ideas and challenge each other!! Glad to have you

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Welcome @MrDJ!

@Tankrachet86 is right, jump on in!

I’m excited to have you both here - can’t wait to hear from everyone!

Hi Everyone! My name is Heather and I am one of our Salesforce Administrators here at the USCCA. I am also a senior training counselor here at the USCCA. I work part time at a local gun range and I am one of the lead instructors. I have been carrying and teaching for just about 5 years. I currently carry my Springfield XDS but looking at purchasing the SIG P365. I am excited to be part of the community here!


Welcome @Heather! Love the video you shared on the training for extreme weather thread! My hands hurt watching it. :cold_face:

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Hi my name is David. I started my firearm journey as a youth in cub scouts. My military training gave me some good habits but some bad. I have experience in different law enforcement agencies from being a volunteer firefighter arson investigator. A volunteer in my county emergency management agency working and training with my County Sheriff’s department. I have worked with friends and family for several years now on scenario training. I try to learn something new everyday that will help me protect myself and others from harm. I can’t wait to work with what I feel are some of the most responsible armed citizens. Thanks for the honor!