Traveling cross country with various arms.....hand and long

We are getting ready to drive our coach cross country, with plans to stop at various “specialty locations” such as Front Sight in Nevada. Would like to hear how others have stored, secured, etc, their gear during travel…and is there a comprehensive list of ways to keep LEOs from getting too nosey??

Would also be interested in product info such as “horizontal bunkers” that could be securely mounted in the under body storage bins…

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Welcome to the forum @John589.

We have had various threads about traveling and how to do it. In practice it varies from State to State, and even down to the local level in some places (Colorado). I check what laws I may run into well before I do the trip. As a backup, I have several containers that lock, and I have a ton of weapon locks.

At a minimum, if I am going to traverse a prohibited area (I typically won’t stop, even for fuel, if possible at all):
A locked container, containing the firearm, that is also breech locked (padlock through the port). That is two actions just to make a gun ready.

Magazines are in another locked container, empty.

Ammo is in another locked container.

They are all in separate areas.

While I will say I believe this is far over the top in most cases, I am not planning for most cases. Also, as I said above, I avoid places where I even need to do such things. I have not completely cut out Colorado, yet…

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Welcome to the team @John589! We are glad to have you! To elaborate on what @MarkinMT advised, it is best to contact each state police agency in the path of your travels. You’ll need to know things such as duty to inform, magazine capacity, storage requirements (especially if your permit is not recognized in said state) and ammo restrictions. It may seem like a pain to do so. It’s more of a pain to post bail, buy new firearms and/or ammo.

Unless you’re hunting along the way I’d recommend taking only what’s important. This way you might void the possibility of legal troubles.

All of that being said, I do recommend taking CCW classes as you travel…if can. Specifically speaking of states that offer non-resident permits that will expand your ability to carry semi unrestricted.

Best wishes and safe travels!

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You can also check the laws of each state here:

There is someone who updates that map daily and includes links to the information cited for your further research if you’re so inclined. :slight_smile:

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If I were planning a trip, I’d check firearms transport laws for each state I passed through, reciprocity laws for cc, and make sure that stored arms were unloaded, and in secured, locked cases, with ammo stored separately and secured. To discourage anyone with a nose problem, consider changing the lock(s) on your trunk/storage spaces - and keep the keys on a different keyring - your storage spaces can’t be directly accessed, and a search is limited to the driver and passenger areas. Whether you have to or want to demand a warrant depends on if you want to wait for it, Sometimes the type of police officer you’re dealing with will determine the situation - hopefully, he’ll just be a local peace officer if you’re stopped. Consult our legal department for sound, informed advice. FYI - Kurt17

Thanks, Kurt…this is going to be our first major trip in the RV and with so many things to deal with, you have just lightened the mental load…

If all goes as planned, one of my personal 'trip highlights" is going to be a week’s stay in Parump, Nevada…

The late Art Bell’s “Dreamland” was broadcast from his home, there - later to become “Coast to Coast”, hosted by George Nouri - I used to listen to both radio shows religiously. In “Mars Attacks”, it was where they 1st landed to begin their invasion. FYI - Kurt17