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Still a bit fuzzy, however did look in the USCCA Maps and through the forums. Thanks @Dawn for your Car Vault Post a while back. I am taking a trip through “The Peoples Republic of Illinios” and want to stay out of trouble. I have a car vault that can hold a pistol and a magazine. I typically have not had to stop when driving through, and in the past I have kept the firearm on my person when in the car, then if I have had to stop (90% of the time I don’t) I take the pistol and lock it in the vault, mag full and 1 in the pipe. However, my understanding is now that I must remove the magazine and then clear the chamber before putting the gun in the vault with the magazine in my locked glovebox? Also can I do this when I stop? Should I do this before entering the state of Illinois in Missouri and then reload when I get to Indiana? I never expect trouble, I adhere to the speed limits and am attentive, but one never knows when you have out of state tag. I am a permit holder as well in a Constitutional Carry State. The only allure to stoping is cheap 93 Octane and since my car is newer, not sure how good my mileage will be.

When I must absolutely travel through that state, on my way to Indiana (long way around it from here). Prior to crossing the state line, I put the gun in a locked container, with a barrel lock on the pistol, in a place that is not accessible by anyone easily in the vehicle. Magazines go in another locked container, in a separate area. Overkill… probably. I am not taking any chances with that place. I do the same when I go through Minnesota, if I have to.

When going through Illinois, I also pretty much take a path that is rural in nature. Although I do get a bit close to C-town there by Gary.

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I dont know why everyone gets worked up over illinois… its clearly stated as long as you have a valid ccw for your state you can conceal in your vehicle… and able to walk around vehicle to the trunk to secure your firearm while away from vehicle… mn on the other hand is way worse unless you just swing on through the state and get your mn license.


Thanks, I would avoid Illinois altoghether if it didn’t add hours to my Journey.

I haven’t been worked up about it as much as now. One of the Reasons that I signed up with the USCCA! Not to bring politics into it I feel that new witch hunt will be legal firearm owners. I suspect that riot damage may be blamed on out of staters with guns (no proof, but politicians blame Indiana Gun Shows for illegal firearms, not railway yard theft). Windsor Canada blamed their gun crime on visitors from Detroit in the 80’s and 90’s. The people of Illinois in general have been great when I have stopped at gas stations or restaurants. The politicians, not so much.

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I’m in IL almost everyday. In fact in 10 min I’m taking my wife to dentist appointment in Rockford and I will be carrying just like normal just won’t leave the car.

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Thanks @Thomas681.

Il is pussycats… we won’t say anything about the political side but in general il is easy to get along in.

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Check out those three references, @Christopher_S1. I suggest having them bookmarked on your phone or printed out for your reference as you cross the great state of IL. :slight_smile:

Does that help?


Hello @Dawn, Absolutely. I wanted to have my firearm accessable and also able to put it away without feering that somebody inadvertanlty sees me locking it up and reports. I need to do less skimming and more critical reading. That is one reason I am not an attorney nor do I pretend to be.

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Hello All, thank you for your responses regarding Illinois travel. I actually had talked to my brother in law regarding the topic upon arriving in Michigan (he brought it up). He is now “educated” on the topic now, he thought it was no under any circimstances.