Training for a Knife Attack

Part of our self-defense is being physically and mentally prepared. Check out this great blog post by Bruce about self-defense against a knife attack:

How do you train for a possible knife attack?

This is where I lean on my gun range accuracy. Like the article states, a head shot may be your only option. For stopping the attack, and, they may be all the target you get. The attacker may be using the victim as a human shield. Not to sound dark, but, small melons make a good training tool. Reactive target type. So, how close can we make a shot, on a 9 inch diameter melon, that is moving around? If the attacker hasn’t stabbed someone, yet, I will have my pistol aimed at them, and give begin to give them the earring that I will shoot. If they stab, slash, cut, etc, no warning. The victim doesn’t have that kind of time.

As an Instructor and advancing my training don’t get caught up in just Defending against and edged weapon, It has been experience that students get so fixated on that knife coming out so when we pull out a ball bat or tire iron the student doesn’t respond the same way there is hesitation in some students. Therefore explanations have to be given just NOT a knife attack, I know that doesn’t answer the question but just sharing…
As for your question it is building that muscle memory of placement of weapon that you carry, and CONTINUOUS training to be confident in what you can do to defend yourself. Knowing how to draw your weapon. In a real life event it all starts in the confidence of you and that draw. I believe it is so important as an instructor and me on the range with friends or wife we “ramp” it up a little to find your current thresholds. In Sniper school when I was in the Army we call it stress fire. I really believe in that type of training. Doesn’t have to be all the time but it is needed not only in your training but education as you add more to your tool box. For all my students I try to instill the foundation and training “building blocks” so one day I can get that student from a draw two rounds in two seconds from the draw with hands in front of body, both eyes open, reflex shooting.
In a real life event we always hope the training takes over.
I apologize for the book, glad to expand to any questions or comments.

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My Taekwando instructor teaches weapons. One of them is the knife. Learning how to be offensive and defensive with a knife teaches you the mechanics of a knife and what to watch for. That is how I train for a knife attack. Martial arts and firearms training because you never know what is going to happen where or when.