Closing the Distance

This is a great video from ASP.

We talk Tueller’s work and that of others relative to distance and reaction time.

Keep in mind that in this situation the cop had more than ample time to prepare mentally for what is about to happen, he’s already got his weapon drawn and keeps it at low or high ready throughout the encounter.

Put yourself in the same situation as the defender who typically is going to keep their weapon holstered until the attack is launched.

Would you be able to stop the threat?

When Training alone I have a simple drill. I hold a rock or ball in my left hand, come to a low ready with my weapon. I then extend my left hand level to the ground dropping what’s in it and try to put my first shot on target before it strikes the ground.

You can always use a partner to drop the ball/rock etc give you the go and see if you can get that first shot on target in time.

The whole video is well worth watching but you can advance to the 2:50 point for the charge.

Note, this charge started at around 24-26’ and the subject wasn’t particularly quick or athletic, just a very distraught, probably UI 18yo girl.

Notice too that the first couple of shots had very little effect on her which is why my main carry weapons are all .40 S&W or .45acp.

Shots 1&2 had little effect on her at all, the 3rd had a substantial deterrent effect and she goes down hard with the 4th.

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It’s a shame they didn’t include the full 911 call, originally came as a woman with a gun acting irrationally. The audio he included was a follow up call.

Turns out she was the original caller, classic attempt suicide by cop.


Seems like the rounds were effective at stopping the threat.
Not many pistol rounds are going to stop a threat dead in it’s tracks.

Even as a civilian a person with a knife out I’m either gonna draw or have my hand on my pistol. I’d do everything I could to keep distance between us, but some people seem determined to make had decisions


That’s kinda my point. The first two rounds had little to no effect thus the need to keep firing.

I’m mostly a hunter and shoot lots of big game so I’m sort of an admitted energy freak.