Three Knife Scenarios - would you survive?

Blogger Rick Sapp poses three different knife attack scenarios in his blog below. I’m going to guess that none of us will encounter the first situation where it happens in the article - but we could encounter something similar.

I believe that surviving a knife attack requires a willingness or ability to accept a horrifying situation and to fight back. You’re going to get cut: first, someplace on the hand or arm, side or shoulder. To live, you must accept the damage and keep the knife as far away as possible, grabbing the perp’s arm or wrist.

We talk about training for a knife fight (Training for a Knife Attack). And all agree it’s a daunting thought to face a knife attack.

Which of those three scenarios would you have the best chance to survive? Why?

  • Shanked for Fun
  • A Political Act
  • Teenage Jealousy
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The teenage jealousy. In scenario 1, he was intent to cut someone. That is his motive. Shackled, and in a small room, even fighting back, I would have the greatest disadvantage. And , per the scenario, I would have no weapons in my to return force.
Scenario 2=A group set out to make a statement through violence. The attacks would be multiple, from all sides. Also, in Illinois, public transportation is a no gun zone. As a law abiding subject, I wouldn’t have a firearm. With just one knife, my odds wouldn’t be good.

3 Teen Jealousy=On my porch, one on one, with all my weapons on me, and even some environmental weapons of opportunity, and knowing the other party is agitated, I’m ready for a fight. They slash, I fight and move keeping my distance, using the environment that I am familiar with to my advantage, to get a weapon in my hand, so I can fight like a 3rd monkey.

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The jealous teen at least had an opportunity to defend, the others, near zero.


In the USA most likely all of them.

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I voted for the political stabbing. In such a mass event you have the protection of the herd and thus the attackers might not ever even be able to close the distance to harm you.

In the other two events both were complete surprises apparently always giving the advantage to the attacker and in the prison scenario those poor guys shackled and cuffed to the table had most of their defensive tools taken away from them.