Defense with a knife pt. 1

We’ve got a bunch of great conversations going on about knives for EDC and self-defense. So how do we defend ourselves with a knife?

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I am not sure what to say to this… good information, but I am rarely ever out without my gun. I will admit if it comes down to a knife to knife fight, than i am unprepared. Maybe in a School event, possibly. But my thought is, if a bad guy wanted to harm someone, he would probably bring a gun and then it’s a knife to a gun fight. I struggle to see the situation which I would find myself in a knife fight. I guess if all else failed, i would rely on my hand to hand combat training and hope it serves me well. Not to say I would not pull my knife, but we honestly fall back on training. I am way more comfortable hand to hand, in which a knife was only talked about in defending against, not attacking with.

A lot of great information in that video. I’ve not had the opportunity yet to do any knife training as nobody near me offers that.

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I saw the screen capture and my first thought was “I want my two dollars!”

That’s really creepy!