Training field trip?


I’d be happy to shoot with anyone that comments on here, and would definitely be down to do a little training field trip, now that our tundra is thawing.


You might want to specify where “here” is for you, @James. I’d say stick to something like 45 minutes north of Milwaukee type of specifications so we’re not asking for issues when the occasional troll may slip into the Community.


Ahhh, I should probably say the general area I’m from, huh? Lol. Yep, 45 min north of the Milwaukee area.


I also like how people from Wisconsin won’t say how many miles, “oh, just about 5 min down the road.” Lol. The thing is, we’re never wrong.


I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken (wink).


With my driving, I’m roughly an hour SSW of MKE, but I’m low on pistol and rifle FMJ. But my work week is now about 65 hrs. a week, with some Saturdays coming up.


It’s not just Wisconsin folks. We do that in Michigan too.
I have to laugh when my in laws show up from NY.
“How far is this from here?”
“Oh about a 45 minute drive”
“I asked how far, not how long”
“I told you”
“How many GD miles is it?”
“That’s more like 30 minutes.”
“Now you’re speaking properly.”
“Wtf is wrong with you?”
“Cranky in laws?”


Go down past that piece of land Henry just bought up. You know that 40 that got selective cut for pulp 2 Octobers ago, go right, when you see the corn field with the big sand cut by the ditch, take a left, then it’s 1 min down the road. There’s a 4 pointer skull on the tree. Exact directions to get to my second cousin’s 2nd hunting property.


Gave directions to some Missouri folk that were up here for a week training our store on new registers. Wanted to go somewhere for dinner. The directions were: “turn left outta the round-about, go thru the next round-about. First stop sign past the truck stop turn left. About two, three minutes later you’ll hit another stop sign at the top of a hill, turn left. Follow the road til you come to a small town. Sobelmans will be on a corner on the left across from a bar. If you pass the bowling lanes you went too far. Just turn around at that round-about than.” Hesitantly they asked how many miles away this was. The response was “10 minutes or so. Might take ya 15.” Hahahahaha!!!

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I was reading this intently and tried to figure out which restaurant you were directing them too. :slight_smile: I was close, I thought Fat Charlies which is across the street from Sobelmans.

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Haha. Funny you say that. I had thought about not naming the place you see if you’d know! Haha

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There are a few in that area. I like Fat Charlies - it’s absolutely terrible for you, but their burgers are amazing!

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Hmmm…I don’t think I’ve eaten there. May have to try it out!


It’s a great place in summer when we’re out on the bike or just looking to grab a bite when I leave the range late.


See now you confused them with all that talk of roundabouts… we dont have them here. If you’d given direction by barn color, number of silos, and type of cattle in the pasture (don’t turn after the angus, wait until you see the charolais) they’d have been just fine :smile:
… wait… were they city folks? St. Louis or Kansas City? Because that could explain everything…


Springfield. They were trying to explain diverging diamonds. I’ll take round abouts over those any day!

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Well they might be still a bit citified. And YEAH the crossover lanes… those absolutely defy explanation. Scared the daylights out of me for the first 300 times I drove on them!!
Seriously, they’re like… WHaaaaAaaat??? You can’t really mean you want me to do that!!

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The only explanation