To Stab or not to stab, that is the Question?

The only question for me is ‘How are they going to tell?’
Who did what to whom?
A Great thing happened : A Rape possible Beating/Murder was AVERTED.
Citizens stepped in and stopped a Traumatic event from getting worse.
With the INFECTION of WOKENESS in the Legal system today
A Street Justice Event was Meted out.

Some days the Bear eats you, Somedays you Eat the Bear. This Rapist pig
was the Main Course. Perfect!



Depends on the details of what happened.

As much as a person might think it’s a good ide based on one source’s portrayal of one particular incident, we don’t actually want random people to have the power to act as judge, jury, and executioner, killing people on the spot as vengeance or ‘justice’

If stopping the serious harm/death attack using reasonable and legal force results in death, well, that may be quite different from, as the article pointed out, the possibility of say two people holding someone down while a third stabs them to death.

Gotta be careful with precedent and expectations here, investigating to find out what can be found out about what precisely happened is the correct course of action

If any of us were to find ourselves in that situation, calling 911 and then calling the USCCA Critical Response line would be the proper course of action. “I will cooperate 100% but first I need my attorney” and then speak no more until attorney


The gates of hell have opened! Everyday I’m hearing of rapes and murders. Way too many young women! 13 and 12 year olds, are you kidding me :question::question::question::question::question::question::question::question: :question::question::question::question::question::question:these are animals, don’t think for one minute we’re harming a human!

More power to the random people who are willing to save an INNOCENT life. They are killing our people with IMMUNITY! WTF :question:
Every single night and it’s all a result of the MFr in the White House.
If random people don’t start stepping in, the Wild West is going to become a lot more wild!


stabbing needed to halt the attack or protect the rescuers from the alleged rapist if he turned violent toward them, or did they pull him off the woman and while a couple of people held him down, another person with a knife step in and stab the guy as punishment?

Honestly, I’m sort of good with either reason. Sounds like Justice to me. One less rapist scumbag in the world


Yes, there are DAs who will try to describe how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. In a recent case this week burglar ransacking autos outside a frat house at UCLA. Frat brothers respond and the car burglar winds up dead of a stab wound. The frat bro tell cops he was afraid he was going to be attacked by the b.g. Wonder of Wonders! LADA, George Garçon (I know that is not his last name but I use it anyway because he is George Soros’ “boy”) ruled his office will not prosecute the frat bro as he legitimately feared for his safety. The sky is a brilliant red over LA. I had expected Soros’ garçon to announce he was charging the frat boy with 1st degree murder. Perhaps the frat boy is related to a heavy hitter demo party donator/fund raiser.


How many times do we have to reinforce this :question:
The animals have been set free from their cages and they are RABID!


Be careful my friend, talk like that will get you lopped in w/ the likes of ME!
Some say my words can ‘incite riotous behavior’ (like you folks don’t have eyes to see, Ears to hear and a Brain of your own).
Some (even here just don’t get ‘The Boundaries have Moved’.
The Actions of these Criminals have shifted the balances of Right and Wrong
The Call to Arms has been blown.
CLEARLY THERE IS NO MF’n CALVARY coming over the hill to save us.
If some think that’s Treasonous talk, Insurrection? That’s their call.
I will state once again for the record: TROUBLE IS HERE! DANGER CLOSE!
I am NOT advocating an overthrow of this Incestious .gov.
What I state is a clear picture of Self Defense
You come to my hood, you mean to do harm
For Years people have tried to kill me.
I’m still standing (with the blessings of modern Technology, but standing nonetheless!)
I have had it with all this Talk, Talk talk.
BOTH sides of the aisle are in cahoots.
This Cadaver-in-chief isn’t even there anymore, yet his ‘Party’ won’t let the phucker die.
They have zero alternative. Hairgel would have been their only choice but
DESTROYING Cali isn’t exactly awesome on his CV! I think people want to lynch
him almost as much as they want Jacked-up Joey disappeared.
This is a sh** sandwich without the Bread!

The only way out for them is to unleash the Dogs of war, they have a (12+) MILLION man army in our house!. Countries throughout history have Imploded their own Countries.
A ‘What the hell’ attitude! This maybe one of those times.

Shoot the messenger (me) but I foresee a Hostile response from Patriots, We’ve been lid to, Cheated, Ripped off, Pissed and Shyte on, and now our own are being Raped and KILLED by their Invading forces.
I give good odds to gorilla Warfare, Home Turf! Fighting for a CAUSE MEANS SOMETHING.
Just look what Robert E. Lee did with so much less.
The Blue’s INVADED Virginia, THAT was outrageous. Don’t get caught up in all the other false reasons.
.gov tried to make Virginia ‘Submit’ by force. The South may have lost but the cost was more than anyone could bear. This time ELITES are few and WE are many. 400+ MILLION GUNS?
Not everyone is a WARRIOR, but you try and disarm, kill Joe and Joan America, kill their kids you will get a proportionate response.
There are only so many evil Alphabets, so many killers w/ badges. The rest are just trying to do their jobs, keeping the lid on.
Does ANYBODY here think the Military (Good kids who took the OATH would actually take up Arms against their own? I don’t think so.
They may have ‘factions’ of Rainbow loving freaks, but the majority I feel are good Soldiers loyal to the Country and not this Evil Administration.

Gotta go my Security compny just folded without paying us Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Heads will roll tonight!

Be back directly!


Somewhere, Gary Plauché is smiling.


It would be a slap in the face to the girl who was rescued if her rescuers were brought up on charges.

Rapist dead.
Intended victim is alive and recovering.


Agreed, us bloodthirsty killers gotta stick together.


The media fearmongering is winning

Can’t get away from it, even here.

Step 1: Understand that what the news media puts in front of you is not an accurate representation of reality. It is what they choose to put in front of you and what they choose to make you worry about/believe.


Medical exam results on the victim could bring clarity.


Please tell me you’re not denying the latest child deaths and rapes!
You’re beginning to sound like a Sandy Hook denier!
Laken, Rachel, ++++++++ the kids names they can’t release. The more we deny it, the more they will kill. Everywhere, they are literally getting away with murder!
This is going to be the wildest summer of death we’ve ever experienced as a nation!
I grew up with “Son of Sam” personally knew one of his victims!
We were scared to death, every phuckin night.
Expect 10 million Sons of Sam this summer!
This is not media it real blood on our streets. We’ve become the third world nation we fought to prevent!

Cmon man, I know you see and hear what’s going on in our country!
Then again maybe they are deep state “cheap fakes”.


Those things have been happening as long as animals have existed, and will continue to happen as long as long as animals exist. Maybe even non-animal organisms as well.

I don’t subscribe to the idea that because I seek it out in the news media, the gates of hell are suddenly opening.

My personal advice: Pull back from news media and social media. Constantly being told the sky is falling and we’re all dooooooomed isn’t healthy for anybody to be subjected to


OK, this is my only social media. But you’re absolutely correct in the fact, that since 2019, I have not turned off the news!
I can’t go to the bathroom without it.
Yes, I know it contributed to my cardiac issues.
It’s become like a heroin addiction.
Nothing is funny anymore and no one can be trusted. So I keep my eyes on the news 24/7 so I know what the enemy is up to.
I like being completely prepared!


"American Vigilante’ huh? Has a nice ring to it.


I think this falls under the “ to wrongs don’t make a right “ category. Not to be confused with the negative of a negative is a positive:sunglasses:


Y’all are gonna have to calm down some or I’ll have to take a box of lead outside and put holes in a target. Sounds like a good idea anyway. Maybe tomorrow, it’s too damn hot right now.


Yeah, I’m past due for making holes myself.


Using deadly force to stop rape or murder is not vigilantism. Vigilante would be someone who used the woman with premeditation to lure the rapist and trap him in his crime. Or if a mob stopped the rape, then instead of calling police, lynched the man.

Unfortunately, the jurors on the case may be easy to swallow representing this situation as vigilantism. They may also be peers to the rapist (there are some examples in international cultures), not the defender(s).