WTH is happening to our country?

Why are there so many people trying to take our means of self defense? NO ONE stepped in to help this lady! This maggot would look like a piece of swiss cheese if I or someone like me who had the b*lls to step in. Everyone on that train who sat there and watched should be horse whipped!


I stay away from cities and I avoid mass transit at all costs.


It may be controversial… but I tell you why… Because of the system. People are afraid not of the current “event” but of aftermaths. Nobody wants to be involved in anything that doesn’t apply to him/herself.

In Poland this assailant will end up on the other side of the nearest window or his “raping weapon” will be crushed…
On the other hand, in USA you are not allowed to help somebody (even saving the life) without being sued if you are not qualified for this. :rage:
fe. can Corpsman save a life of car accident victim… or is he/she allowed to do basic first aid? :thinking: :zipper_mouth_face:

So, as @Frank73 advised…

stay away from cities and I avoid mass transit at all costs


too many law suites involved if you help anyone anymore… people pay attention to that sort of thing…

used to be it would get thrown out of court in a hot second… but now…

our courts have too many bama judges n such now I guess???

your honor he as a good boy! and htis dirt bag shot him… yadda yadda yadda…

leo’s have a lot of backup legally… not sure if USCCA will jump in on cases like these…

anyone know?


Unfortunately, no use getting involved anymore! Just be a good, sheeple witness. Hug the wife and kids, say a prayer at dinner!
Brave, strike that, new world!
Be aware, it’s only going to get worse and reach closer to home!


Not wanting to get involved for whatever reason is why gangs do what they do, criminals do what they do and bad cops do what they do.
I have a daughter and as soon as I hear of things such as this, I think ( God forbid ), but what if this was my daughter? I would want someone to stop it if they was near and able.
It is beginning to seem like only those which have do time in prison gets upset about rape.


I think this comes under the posts heading.
What do I do if I’m having a heart attack and my hospital refuses to treat me based on vaccine status? I am stressing about this. It could be the reasons for my symptoms! What do I do after my hospital kills me? Not exactly a rhetorical question!
How to treat a possible heart attack at home?

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“WTH is happening to our country?”

We were just discussing this at the clinic on Wednesday.

We concluded that the most influential change in our world is the death of objective truth. Objective truth, for millennia, has served as the landmarks, the waypoints for our lives, providing direction and certainty. “It is bad to watch someone rape another person” is based on the presupposition that humans have certain inalienable rights (I think I’ve heard that somewhere), and that bad guys don’t.

When truth dies, all definitions of good and evil no longer make any sense because the truth that defined good and evil is no longer considered authoritative. We have become a nation of relative moralists. What’s good for me is OK, you just need to accept it - something along those lines.

The only path BACK is to re-embrace objective truth so we can once again be governed by laws, ethics, morality. Sadly, living in the heavily indoctrinated postmodern era, this is a very, very difficult battle.


It’s embarrassing to live in a society where people won’t step up — not even to the point of dropping a dime. There is quite a lot of “not my people, not my problem” these days — but folks are plenty aware of the consequences which can arise from any level of involvement. My father commuted daily on SEPTA Main Line in 1980s.

What level of action might be sufficient to draw violence in one’s own direction is not always clear.


First off, I couldn’t just stand by and watch. I’d at least kick the guy in the face or something.
I’ve watched people around here, when the homeless guys get in fights most of the people either freeze or run. It’s like they are terrified. Or the all important “Video of the day”. “Stop the rape or video the crime on my cell phone?”, man that’s a tough choice. Like my dad said after 911, “I’ve been bucked off horses, kicked by bulls and thrown out of bars by many men, one guy with a box cutter just isn’t that scary to me”. One guy attacking a woman or anyone for that matter just doesn’t intimidate me.


Most folks here carry to protect themselves & others. You’d want someone to intervene if it was your loved one. Fear a lawsuit, really? You want something to fear… Fear God & be done with it. Things are only going to get worse, stand up or hide it’s called free will. Take care…just me.


Never mind intervening, verbally or with force, the least one could do in this situation was to call 911.

Utter failure :man_shrugging:t4:


I was a young, internal medicine physician, that saw a horrific accident and stopped years ago. I gave aide until EMS arrived. The police asked for witnesses. I was later deposed and informed that the Good Samaritan law does not apply to me because I have ‘skill’. I had to pay for an attorney for my good deed. It went on a credit card. Relatedly, The ‘Heimlich’ maneuver is no longer called this any more. Professor Heimlich, who gave this to the world at no financial gain to himself, was sued thousands of times because anytime it was used he was deposed to go to court and it cost so much that there was a voluntary fund to defend him. He asked that his name no longer be associated and thus it is now called the abdominal-thrust maneuver for choking in CPR. The pendulum of morality is being pushed the wrong direction in America. We all feel it.


“No good deed goes unpunished”. Very sad state of affairs.

Stay safe.


At least, unlike our Canadian friends, we can still say,
“Let’s Go Brandon!” :canada:


You can within the scope of your training and at great personal risk to yourself.

I was a submarine independent duty Corpsman: I could diagnose, treat, prescribe medications up to and including antibiotics and narcotics. There is no equivalent to me and my brothers and sisters on the outside. When I retired I would have had to gone back to school for 6 years to earn a PA degree (or 8 for MD + Specialty) to do what I had been doing for 14 years. I applied at a local EMS/Fire station and because I didn’t have EMT A,B, EIOU1 I wasn’t qualified to run a rig. The station chief told me flat out “You know too much and are used to getting the job done. Therefore you are too much of a liability to hire as an EMT even if you had the initials.”

As to the original bent of this thread. It is a sad state of affairs that sooooo many people are willing to “Go along to get along” that we lave lost our individual rights as humans to stand up for one another. If it continues we may find ourselves unable to “stand up” for ourselves.




I live in Philly. What was so bad about this was not only people did nothing, some filmed it on their cellphones. This woman is going to have trauma for the sexual assault and the trauma that no one helped her as well. The lack of humanity. People are already blaming SEPTA Police. Their response time was within 3 to 5 minutes. Police had to track the train, direction etc.


It’s a real disaster out there being a law-abiding citizen myself if I was on the train I would definitely help her I feel like we just live in a society not willing to help each other out