Time for some pro 2A rallies

Gun control groups are holding rallies, airing tv commercials etc. As lovers of freedom and the 2A we need to hold pro 2A events. I think it’s time for the NRA. GOA, and other pro gun groups to lead the way. Let’s get the word to them. Its time to step up.


I would travel a reasonable distance to attend such a rally, although some anti-2nd Amendment states or cities would no doubt be problematic.

However, I would have a few questions/concerns that would need to be addressed before such an event were organized.

Would a permit be required to peaceably assemble, or would the Rights enshrined within the 1st Amendment be denied to any such pro-2nd Amendment assembly?

Would a pro-2nd Amendment assembly draw hostile or unwanted scrutiny from law enforcement or leftist groups such as ANTIFA, and would criminal provocations or violence be anticipated?

And perhaps most importantly, would concealed or open carry firearms be permitted without provoking violence against any pro-2nd Amendment participants to these peaceable assemblies?


In general yes you’re going to have to get a permit ahead of time so the locals can secure a location, route etc.

Yes, in some jurisdictions the locals will do what they can to resist allowing you to hold such a rally in their jurisdiction.

Yes, you can certainly expect some well organized, heated opposition that will attempt to do all they can to provoke a violent confrontation.

Yes, you can certainly expect the press to bill it as a protest by an extreme rightwing group IF they carry it at all.

IF the counter protesters are able to provoke a violent confrontation it is a certainty the press will put the blame on the pro 2nd Amendment group.

You would also have to consider the high likelihood of anti second amendment activists to infiltrate the Po 2a group in order to make them look bad, and facilitate the outbreak of violence.

There’s also a very real possibility of nuts from either side infiltrating the group with hot weapons precipitating a shooting.

Great idea to get out there and show our support for the 2nd but there’s definitely a potential for things going very badly, very quickly.


@Michael7, while I applaud your desire to advance the 2nd, i must agree with @WildRose on every point. Most especially regarding the press; this is a foregone conclusion as far as I’m concerned.

I think there is a lot of value in what we do every day, that is, going about our lives as reasonable people while also happening to be armed. It applies whether you OC or CC. Just being a regular person going about an ordinary life -while armed- makes you a positive ambassador. The individual interactions you have with non-gunners are more important and have a better chance of changing a mind than all the street corner rallies in the world. I have never seen a “peaceful rally” that didn’t end up in a shouting match. In the end, it won’t matter who started what, the only things observers will remember are the red faces and shouted slogans.

Anyone who wants to advocate for a broader public understanding and acceptance of everyone’s rights under the second amendment would do much more good by have conversations with individuals, or maybe small groups, in a relaxed setting.

Some points I emphasize in these situations:
-The overwhelming majority of legal gun owners never hurt anyone with their guns or use them in a criminal way.
-Those of us who go a step further and choose to carry in public put forth a lot of effort to research the law and to train ourselves in proper reaction and use of our weapons. (Far more than anyone does regarding driving.) All so we will act legally.
-The fact that the overwhelming majority of us who carry ahve no desire to shoot anyone for any reason. What we do want is to be able to defend our lives and the lives of our families against the possibility of an attack against us, the sort of criminal attack you see in the news every day.
-That we can agree the there are some people who should not be allowed to have firearms, like violent felons and persons adjudicated to be mentally unstable, but that these steps need to be taken through due process by competent authorities.
-That the second amendment is just as important as the other nine and, in fact, was put there to safeguard the others.

Having a conversation like that, in a calm and reasonable manner, can go a very long way to achieving some understanding between the parties, even if nobody goes away with a complete change of heart.

A good breakfast, being necessary to the start of a good day, the right of the people to keep and eat food shall not be infringed.
So who gets the food? Breakfast, or the people?


WildRose does make some good points. However, if the firearms community doesn’t become a visibly vocal movement you can bet the political class will give in to the anti-gunners.

Maybe the best thing we can all do is introduce a new person to shooting as often as possible. I think there are a lot of people who might change their thoughts on the 2A if they understood it. I met an old friend recently, we discussed guns. They thought AR stood for Assault Rifle, and did not know the difference between full auto and semi auto. We talked at length, and they want to go to the range one day soon.

The hard core anti gun people are not likely to change their minds. I think there are many on the fence, that if they learn more about guns, will not be as likely to jump on the anti 2A wagon.

I’m not expecting to change the mind of the anti-gun crowd. What we must do is send a loud clear message to the political leaders. If we don’t we will see ever increasing limits on our 2A rights.

I’m all for educating individuals. I’ve done that for the past 40 years, first as a USAF firearms instructor and now as a civilian. However, it is the politician who pass laws and they must know that we are United against anti 2A laws. With the NRA’s current difficulties the anti-gun types smell blood.

Are we going to fight back or roll over and play dead?

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I agree, I just don’t feel like the way to do that is with large groups of armed people marching in the streets. There’s just too many ways that can end up going bad which would only serve to give the anti gun groups ammunition to use against us.

If you want to make a public show of being a law abiding gun owner just open carry on a daily basis as you go about your life being a good ambassador.

By doing so we can positively influence a great many people whereas the large armed group is always going to create more than a little fear and trepidation in the general public.

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I think the way we win those people over is with one positive individual interaction at a time rather than with mass demonstrations.

In general even if the protesters represent a cause people tend to agree with large protests that interrupt their days or generate a generally negative reaction from folks tends to turn them towards the opposite position.

I think we need to be very careful here as to how we protest but raising fears of armed insurrection I think can only serve to hurt our cause and turn the people we need on our side against us.


I dont recall suggesting we have an ARMED protest. In fact I think the opposite is in order. Again, we must show the politician, who make the laws, that we are normal, rational Americans who support the 2A and they must see that we are a large group that votes. You can win over all the individuals you want, that’s a great thing, but it is politician who write laws.

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True, but how do those politicians get elected?

I’m all for demonstrating in numbers as long as we go about it in a manner that doesn’t cause alarm or present a good opportunity for anti gun activists to use them against us.

I’d say though that we already have a very visible and outspoken 2nd Amendment movement, but it’s the press who won’t carry positive stories about us and one way or another that’s where we have to make a change since in the modern era it’s the press driving the politics more than any other group.


I agree with time to voice our support but not to get into a confrontation with those groups because that’s what they want to see, they already think because we are for the 2nd amendment that we are gun extremist q which most cases we are not and just want to provide self protection for out safety and protection of our love ones! But there are those who take the 2nd amendment too far with those who open carry and cause people who are not comfortable with guns around in panic mode due to what’s happening in this country now.


Rallies depend on the media to bring attention to them, and the media is not a neutral player anymore where the 2nd Amendment is concerned. I think a better use of time is to support a 2nd Amendment sanctuary movement for your county.

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I don’t think we need to worry about the media or even try to get their attention. Here is the issue. Gun owners need to let their Congressional Representatives know they are there and that they vote. I’m not talking about a demonstration where everyone shows up armed, dressed in their tactical gear. Far from it. We need to be respectful, intelligent, and goal oriented. Or, we can sit on our hands and watch our rights evaporate.

A 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement would seem to achieve your goals. More than half the counties in IL have passed resolutions, with many of those counties putting the resolution on the ballot. The passage of those let the politicians know that people who vote support the 2nd amendment. The media can not ignore or spin a vote total as easily as they can a rally. Resolutions also put local office holders on the record, knowing your local sheriffs position for example.

Ta-da! Here is one - happening in DC on NOVEMBER 2!!!


There was one here in the very late summer here in Wheaton IL in Cantigny Park which is a beautiful place dedicated to the 1st Division which if you’re unfamiliar is an active US Army Division. I hope there’s more scheduled in this area.

I’d say we also need to be more active and assertive in our daily lives and with the people we interact with regularly.

Letters to our congressional rep’s never go anywhere beyond the jr assistant mail handlers that open their mail.

Maybe they’ll keep a running tab on pro/con on a given issue but it’s the big donors who have the influence on them and those they interact with regularly at TH’s and other events particularly when the press is there covering them.

Conservatives by our very nature are generally pretty non confrontational and have a “live and let live” mentality in general but if we stay in the shadows and remain quite with respect to gun rights we’re going to eventually lose this fight.

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