2nd Amendment Rally, November 2nd, Washington DC

It looks like this is gaining some traction, and I’m seeing more popular Youtubers such as Military Arms Channel, Iraqveteran8888 promoting this now too, and I’m seeing it on some other gun-related forums.



Thanks for posting this here!

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The USCCA will be represented there!


The list of speakers and attendees is increasing :slight_smile:


Is their any word on parking if one was to drive in?

I would recommend NOT driving into DC. Park at a metro outside the city and take metro in. VCDL on Reddit has a mega-thread you can keep an eye on it for carpools as well.

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Thank you! And wow, that is an extremely informative thread with tons of great knowledge and ideas I hadn’t thought of!!! Thank you for sharing!

UPDATE: There will not be any sort of USCCA Booth, but be on the lookout for @KevinM… he may have t-shirts. :wink:

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Safe Travels and good luck out there to everyone going!!! I’m there with you in spirit!!!

One of the best ways to support the 2nd Amendment is to vote for the politicians that support it. Trump and most Republican candidates are out spoken supporters, This year people need to vote and give these people a clear majority. If you know someone that feels this way but probably won’t vote, help them. Go to vote together, help them get an absentee ballot. Allot of first time voters have no idea where to go, or what they need to vote. Some older people might need help on the computer to get an absentee ballot sent to them and down loading an I.D. We already know Biden and his gun czar Beto O’Rouke want to take your guns.

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For 2020, I learned about a 2A gun rights conference this weekend. For more info, read on below:

Virtual (Zoom) Conference

Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 19 & 20th, 2020

by the

Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)

If you register today, or on Friday, Sept. 18th, you might also receive a reply with an additional shorter pre-conference virtual “social” (more relaxed) gathering on this Fri. at 6:00PM CST, as well

35th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference is Online
September 19 and 20, 2020
2020 Theme: ELECT FREEDOM!

You will receive free books worth over $150. This year they will be links to PDFs.

  • · Sat. 9/19, 10:00AM to 5:30PM CST
  • · Sun. 9/20, 12:00PM to 7:05PM CST

If the times aren’t convenient, there will also be a special link for registrants to view the videos after they are live.

Source, to Register, and view the conference agenda, please scroll down to the bottom within this link (click on) below:

Main page link to SAF:

posted 9-16-2020