2A Rally - Carpool anyone?


A little birdie told me that @KevinM will be at the Rally in Washington! I’ve heard that people are looking to carpool from a variety of places across the country.

If you’re interested, please post what state you’ll be coming from and reach out to anyone from your state (or a state along the way) that you may be able to carpool with!

Carpool anyone?


Our Troop is going camping that weekend…we’re headed East anyway I’m tempted to pass right through OH, into PA and down into DC to let the boys experience Citizenship in the Nation merit badge by having them participate in the rally…is it too late to get a permit to tent camp out there on the Mall? :grin:


UPDATE: There will not be any sort of USCCA Booth, but be on the lookout for @KevinM… he may have t-shirts. :wink:

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