2nd amendment rally

Has anyone heard of a rally on November 2nd to defend the 2nd amendment. www.2ndamendmentrally.com


Welcome @Brian60!
Hadn’t seen anything before now… thanks for bringing this.

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Unfortunately there are thousands or millions of people in this country that would love nothing better than to infiltrate such a rally to embarrass all of us, or to do much worse.

I have deep concerns that they could easily be used not to protect our rights but to justify restricting them in ways we’ve never seen before.

I think we’d accomplish far more honestly by holding fifty such rallies, one in every state in our own state capitols and with far less chance of the infiltrators succeeding.

Mixed emotions to say the least.


I’ve never been to one actually. I’m considering going to the NAAGA Convention this upcoming year though. Are 2ND AMENDMENT rallies weird like gun shows? :sweat_smile:

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I dont know I have never been to one either.

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