Live Feed - Second Amendment Rally on Capitol Hill

Heads up… if you want to watch the speakers, you can find the live feed on Breitbart. I found it through their Facebook page.


Can you post a link? I’m not on facebook . .

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If you have YouTube it’s on YouTube right now @Henry_A

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Amazing, there doesn’t seem to be any mainstream media coverage of this event (CNN, ABC, FOX, etc)….maybe on the evening news tonight. I’m sure it’s their attempt to muffle the voice of the movement.

I’m sure if the turnout was abysmal the mmm would have reported on it so they could boast about it being a utter failure. So their lack of coverage simply means that the rally is large and impactful.

Not sure what the turn out was like. Key thing is many did go in support of 2A. Thanks to them for going, and thanks to the organizers who made it happen. Hopefully many who couldn’t/didn’t were able to watch online. Not surprised mainstream media didn’t cover it. I think the event was put together rather quickly and I’m not sure they had time to promote well, but it’s a start. We need more of these all around the country to send a message.

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Probably that spot where it was not enough to force national media, but not small enough to be mocked as a failure by them either.

Curious if anyone that did attend could give a recap for the community.

Hoping Kevin Michalowski, who attended, will provide a summary. He did do some Facebook and other social media posts.