Time for some pro 2A rallies

I won’t rule out the benefit of a large public display in support of 2A as being effective to some degree in the political realm, but it will also require a large number of the normally silent supporters to open up too along with the more outspoken for politicians to really take note. Because of that I feel the casual, restrained yet open recognition of our rights in the day to day routines to be a very necessary influence on the general public. Again, that’s me personally. Like when I am out an about all the places we routinely go and notice that one individual here and there wearing a shirt or hat or whatever with 2A or a quote from Jefferson (I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery) for example, people do take notice. And if that individual is also polite and good-natured in general, they are more likely to be perceived as a positive rather than a provocative individual. One big problem is, to few people are willing to stand out just a bit when alone as they would when in a group. And then groups can tend to appear more aggressive than they really are, which can end up leaving a more negative than positive impression. The folks we intertwine with are the ones we have the best chance to enlighten of our stance.

I also really believe the number of like mined people concerning 2A, and all of our other rights for that matter is much larger than is normally apparent. Imagine seeing many more of these “quiet” supporters out an about on any given day passively indicating their support and possibly without even saying a word, people would maybe start thinking, “there’s more of them than I realized, and some of them I recognize, and they are OK people!!!” Changing attitudes is usually a gradual process, not an overnight awakening.

For sure, silence is waving a white flag.

The Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States) was passed by Congress on September 25, 1789 and was ratified on December 15, 1791 .

Thinking maybe I will be celebrating a new pro shirt on 12/15 :blush:

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