Tim Schmidt calls for Letter to BIDEN (really?)

As a member, I received an email recently (from USCCA) title “My letter to Joe Biden”.
in this email Tim Schmidt informed us (the membership) that he had sent a letter to BIDEN
about congress’s proposed laws, attacking our 2nd amendment rights.

my response …“WHY WASTE MY TIME (or the time of this membership)”
those fools running the country HATE gun owners and will never stop until they disarm ALL OF US.
so sending emails, texts, etc to Federal Congress is a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

if you want to do something, MAKE LAWS ‘in your own state’ which will PREVENT the feds from
attacking our 2nd amendment rights. it’s the only way. contact your LOCAL state level
representatives, senators and Governors to enact these laws NOW.

stop the attack on our RIGHTS.
the enemy is here NOW. no more time to waste. write your representatives.


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