Throwback Thursday: Basic Concealed Carry Kit

Here’s a throwback Thursday video: Into the Fray Episode 3: Basic Concealed Carry Kit:

Do you have all of these items in your kit? What other items do you have?

P.S. I’m so thankful for all of the knowledge @KevinM shares with us! Happy Thanksgiving!


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Back left pocket Tourniquet, pressure dressing, couple of tampons (multiple field expedient uses), iodine, airway tool, betadine, alcohol pads, medical tape. All of this wrapped up in guaze and kept in vacuum depressurized baggie to keep sterile. About size of a deck of cardsx2 side by side.

4 knives, 2 for getting out of vehicle, 2 custom kerambits for cqb. I punch dagger on necklace with dogtags and thumb drive of medical records and directions for my medical treatment. 2 hand cuffs keys.

Glock, w/5 mags

1 lifestraw, magnesium firestarter, cord that unravels into firestarting fluff and fishing line, 2 fishhooks, cork, couple of misc widgets, all together about size of a deck of cards. Pen w/ indelible ink and can double as a kubaton (spelling)

Multi purpose light that also has a solar panel generator and hand crank generator can charge multiple devices, phone, emergency medicine for self, 2 multi tools, one in wallet, all scattered across remaining pockets. I’m retired so I am almost always in khakis with cargo pockets

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