EDC pocket dump

I had someone ask, so here is my EDC pocket dump.

The brown bag is a IFAK, two different tourniquets, chest seal, Israeli battle bandages, lots of gloves, blood clot, bio spray, needle depressurizer. Sterile dressings etc

Next is my Every Day home defense.
My home med kit takes up an entire closet. So no picture.

Then my competition pistol.


My brother you would catch hell in a court room with that much cold steel on your hide in the event of an incident, IMHO. The two Krav Manga blades are not only “scary looking” but depending on local rules might cross the legal length threshold as often times they measure the length of the blade not from hilt to point but along the spine of the blade. I get the two folders “one is none, two is one” especially the one with the seat belt cutter. On the keys, do not be tempted to hand the nice officer back his hand cuffs, they REALLY don’t have a sense of humor about that, don’t ask me how I know :roll_eyes:

So tell me about that shotty :smiling_imp: :star_struck:





The 2 Kerambits are double edged daggers. Making them completely legal in Al. Little known knife law in Alabame. You can walk down the street with a double edged sword and it’s legal. I would probably get hassled somewhat but they are legal. The pocket folders are identical, they have seatbelt cutters and glass breakers, strictly for rescue work. We have very strange knife laws in Al. But if you know them, it’s fairly navigable. Now if the Kerambits were single edged they would be illegal and considered a Bowie Knives. I don’t think it shows but they are Damascus steel. I collect Damascus blades.

I took Escrima for years, it’s a Filipino stick fighting art, but you can replace the sticks with Kerambits and it’s still the same. I’ve always loved Kerambits they are such a beautiful blade.

The “shottie” is a Kel-Tec KSG, dual receivers that hold 7 rounds each in each receiver plus one in the pipe. Can switch between receivers with a wrist twitch ( had a longer switch put in so I didn’t have to take hands off). It also has a muzzle brake due to it being a bullpup shotgun. The charging handle is a Hawke with a high count lumem light, also stroboscopic if needed, and a laser. A 14 round saddle mounted on the rail on top and a single point sling. Plus a couple interior mods. She shoots like a dream. Even my 5’4" wife shoots her.

The handcuff key is a lifelong habit, I actually have handcuff keys in my belts. Long story, definitely a hard “R” story. Not family friendly.

One last secret :chipmunk: edit I have 3 additional mags for each handgun. I swap mags monthly, just in case due to stressing the springs.

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Nice, nice, nice @Zavier_D

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I’d love to see a zoomed in on the blades.

Are you carrying all 4 blades all the time? Inquiring minds would like to know where/how you have them setup… I assume 2 per side? what is the deployment plan?

Also, the brake on the KSG looks like it came off a howitzer :smile:


That’s exactly what it was modeled after. Company called HiTec out of New York, the state, makes them. Took it from being a beast, down to a kitten.

I do carry all 4. 8:00 & 9:00 on my waist for the Kerambits, (for reasons)and the 2 folders clipped to front pocket. EDC at 4:00 sometimes appendix.

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First those blades are beautiful. That Damascus steel really stands out.

I’m curious though how you would use the 2 karambits at 8 & 9 oclock. Is the idea to use one and the other is a backup? Or how would you deploy them both at the same time?

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Depending, sometimes 1 sometimes both. Depends on range and how bad my situation awareness had failed.

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