Threatening citizens on Socail Secutity

Saw on Fox 13 News just now, our government is threatening that Socail Secutity will end in about 10 years. Also said they’ll either have to cut payments by 20 to 25% to those who are collecting or raise payroll tax on those still working.
My view is, stop paying it out to those who never paid a penny into it. ( Illegals )
Where do you think the government is getting the financing to feed, houses and medical care for all these Illegals?
Oh also on the same news cast it was said over 300,000 came across in the month of December 2023.
I say quit choking money out of our retired citizens and the working citizens of our country .
(Only my point of view) and yes I know there are others who think differently.


No offense you might want to check your kickstand. I don’t think it’s down all the way.

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Funny but he is pretty much on point. Add to that, the point that CA is now (as of new year) funding full medical benefits to all aliens. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that means CA will be whining to uncle Sam (that’s us) to get bail out soon. They are already under budget in the billions. So you know where this goes.


Government prints the money, same as they do with the money used to fund military adventurism in places like the Ukraine, social programs and the massive government bureaucracy we live with. Printing money devalues the currency which ends up with currency collapse in the form of hyperinflation, as happened in Venezuela and Argentina and Weimar Germany. Social Security will collapse when the printed money used to make payments is no longer worth anything.




@Richard455 Welcome to the community! This Administration is sinking this country into a third world country!