start demanding more from the people in power!

Thank you Ms Boebert. Folks, time to wake the hell up and start demanding more from the people in power! We are losing this country.


This regime HAS been successful, in that the policies they have wrought upon us are working exactly as planned. To take control of, and destroy an entire Country in just two years is nothing short of astonishing.


Sorry, but I think we are a few years late and a couple of trillion dollars short! We did demand more, all the dead people voted and we lost!


We need a savior not a political. Someone that can make US change for the better. That is the only way OUR lives will get better.


Exactly! We need someone who DOES’NT want to be president!
Most importantly an AMERICAN we can TRUST with our lives and the lives of our children!
Order of business

  1. Law and order
  2. Inflation
  3. Foreign affairs
  4. Military
  5. Constitutional Carry nationwide for law abiding American Citizens
  6. Finally, torture or prison ( am I not merciful ) and apologies, firings, impeachments and give back the jobs that were lost due to mandates and free those Jan 6th people, NO QUESTIONS.

If the people in power were to give us the things we want, we would be in power

What kind of torture?:japanese_ogre:


Totally eco-friendly, that’s wood not coal!


This is no worse than any parent standing up for their children, no worse than losing your career due to unconstitutional mandated unproven drugs in your body. No worse than changing your son into a daughter with out your permission! Am I not kind?

We are owed more than just an apology, they should be responsible for putting it back together, but there’s absolutely NO I would allow them that opportunity!
As mentioned in earlier years, he could have been a great president had we removed the pen and duct taped his mouth shut!