flaming pile of horse manure and raising taxes

I know this has nothing to do with guns but it could effect what you buy in the near future.
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Coups have consequences.


Not families, not people, not business owners. Nope none of that. All of this money comes from an invisible, nondescript, un-named, entity called the tax payer. To them it’s an infinite pool of money for them to reach into at will to use as THEY see fit.


If only government was financed by taxes.

While it’s tempting to get outraged by more taxes, the vast majority of government spending comes from money borrowed/printed by the federal government. All those COVID payouts and bailouts did not come from taxpayers, but from printed money.

One of the first lessons economists learn is that inflation is always a monetary problem. Print money and inflation is the result. The poster child for this is post WWI Germany/Austria where the German government printed money to repay its war reparations obligations. The result was hyperinflation that impoverished millions of Germans, destabilized the government and paved the way for Hitler.

Ditto Venezuela where the Hugo Chavez socialist government printed money to finance its sweeping social programs and the country has literally collapsed in hyperinflation sending millions fleeing north to our borders.

The danger of governmental/societal collapse is more likely rooted in printed money than taxes.