This woman, Lauren Boebert, not sure about her

She has a great cause, but her temper tantrums and mouth is get her unemployed before she can even do anything.


It’s not a cause. She is permitted to carry in the chamber, and the complex. This is a political stunt by the anti-2A folks.


Very much agree. What I meant by her “cause” is her “agenda”. In saving gun rights and the 2A

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Let her run her mouth. She stood up to Beto O’Rourke when no one else would. I admire the fact she is passionate and willing to spout off on the anti-2a group. Conservatives need to stop being so quite and start pushing back against these crazy leftists.


I like her a lot for her bravery and beliefs. I just wonder how long till she’s ousted.
Often wondered how she made it to capital hill while colion noir just makes videos and sells T-shirts.
Things that make ya go “hmmmm”.
Def like that she stood up when most sat down.


If Ted Cruz hasn’t been ousted for how outspoken he is, Lauren Boebert sure as hell won’t be. She overwhelmingly won her district.

Colion Noir is a lawyer that made it big on YouTube. He focuses on informing the public while Lauren Boebert saw a problem with her district and anti-2a policies and decided to run for office. Different strokes for different folks.

Cancel culture is running rampant. She seems like just the person to stand up to it. The only way for her to be ousted is by recall or the next gen election in her district.


She’s the one that got that vote to pass. Just not allowed to conceal carry on the floor or in the house.

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Do you mean the regulation allowing lawmakers to carry a firearm into the capitol and maintaining it within their own office? That was passed in 1967.

Boebert inquired about the law and Dem lawmakers wrote a letter to Pelosi urging no one be allowed to carry. The Republicans answered with their own letter, far more eloquent and carrying more signatures to oppose the Dems and won that argument.


Good. Hit the anti-2A and cancel culture a-hats right in the trachea to shut them up for once.

One P.O.'d Patriot

And just because there’s always at least one SNOWFLAKE in the crowd, that’s figuratively speaking.


Two things, first, how do we know AOC doesn’t carry and gets a pass, second how would she be treated…
Can’t have two standards! I know that’s the law now!


Answer: Some people are DOers. Other folks talk about it. 99% of lawyers are the latter. CN is a lawyer and media pundit. Never confuse them with activists.


I am sure about Lauren Boebert. She might be loud, but that is what we need right now. We need someone who will vocally stand up for the 2A. The issue about her being able to carry in the chamber is not a law, but is in fact the “rules” that they all “agree” to at the start of the term. It is interesting to note that some members of congress according to at this news article, others were carrying against the rules, but she, like most 2A advocates and people, abide by the rules, whether or not they agree with them, and work to change those rules.

So keep up the good work and fight hard for our 2A rights. We need more like you.


Your right. They can’t carry on the chamber floor. I missed the part that the metal detector was at that entrance.


our situation in a nutshell. very well put sir.


I agree, The other side of the isle doesn’t mind being vocal. the 2A side needs to be just vocal as well. They are calling for her to resign as well as Amanda Chase. Do not resign, I other words ladies Stand your ground.


If we ever get to CO, would like to visit her restaurant! Good for her!


Every problem isn’t a nail, and every tool isn’t a hammer. While I don’t personally care for her style, having that energy and passion about conservative causes is a good thing. All of that said, the good people of Colorado sent her to the Swamp to drop the water level, so it really doesn’t matter what I think about her! Godspeed Lauren.


I love Lauren Boebert and her unapologetic stance on our 2nd Amendment rights. She says what so many of us wish our other elected officials would say. She stands firm when our other elected officials waffle and react to what polls tell them to do. She is strong and she is independent.

I will take hundreds more of her.


She’s such a genius she called herself out on social media for being complicit with the capital terrorists by tweeting the movements of the top leadership while the incursion was underway.

She also pointed out that the media did the same thing at the same time.

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