Lauren Boebert. Opinions on her 2A crusade?

Newly elected U.S. Representative for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district.
My opinion is, its about time someone stood up to O’roark. Seems like she has good intention’s and a big heart,but watching some interviews with her,she repeats herself a lot and it seems like her education on big topics arent really thorough. She’s pretty consistent and repetitive in all interviews to stay on topic of being able to carry her Glock within Capital Hill / Congress. She gained a lot of steam, support and signatures within the house (and won), and fighting to not have the 2A stripped away to a blank piece of paper.
Does she have what it takes to fight the senate?
She’s has a troubled past with the law in her own personal life and her business. Then again…she has nothing in comparison to some that represent our laws and country in office’s now.
I ask myself “why couldnt Collins Idehen (Colion Noir), a college educated attorney (no findings if he currently practices law for any firm or his own),but such a HUGE background in gun laws and advocacy towards 2A and everything guns ,achieve this?
How did this 5’0” 100lb mother of 4 blow past Colion Noir to a seat in congress,fighting for the constitution?

Welcome to the world of keywords. There’s not much substance behind anything anymore. I hope that she makes progress, but I doubt it, unless she takes a public speaking course or ten.

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It’s time we had an outsider in government on our side. At this point I’d if she has had a little trouble with the law. She is pro 2a and good in my books. So long as she didn’t murder anyone I’m cool.


From what Ive read it was not garnishing wages from an employee when she was ordered to do so, traffic violations. Not having her youngest in child safety seat, missing multiple court appearances,disorderly conduct. No gun violations or felonies.Her husband is not on the up n up with his charge, (showed his genitalia to two teenage girls in a public bowling alley.

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Yeah, and Beta O’Rourke was a convicted burglar.

I’m glad we have someone out there fighting for our rights, and it’s not something Colion cannot do - the more the merrier. Do you have some personal problem with her being a woman and getting attention?

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Hell no. I stongly support Lauren Boebert. Very stongly support her! Her gender orientation has nothing to do with anything so I dont know why you would ask me that.

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You set yourself up for that the way you phrased your post.

Set myself up? Youre reading something unwarranted into all this. My post, I even started it “pro”. So that right off the bat sets the the tone of my post. Im not gonna re-write it,because I felt good about how I worded it.No one else thats read it, is catching an alterior vibe from it. except you for some reason.

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Congresswoman Boebert seems like a breath of fresh air, and brings some balance. For me, it’s nice to hear her differing views, otherwise listeners could believe "twisted’ opinions that only one side is best for all, all the time. I admire her bravery:

I wish my US House of Representative from Colorado abided by his oath for the House and remembered he made a similar oath as an Army Ranger…To uphold and defend the US Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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