This makes me angry

You have lost all reason

@Anthony88 After working for and with Law Enforcement for the last 16 years you won’t be able to show or tell me any different.


Stop the GANGS from looting. Support those that march peacefully for equality and fairness.


Then the indoctrination has been complete. If Supreme Court rulings and history had not taught you anything, a chat room is just a waste of resources.

I agree with you on this one. The media that reported the riots and looting in Baltimore, Philly, Seattle (…etc) as “Peaceful Protest” also reported the riot at the Capitol Building as “TERRORISM”. All because of who the protesters were and which party they affiliated with.

I don’t condone the actions of any “protest” that has been plastered all over the media. All I’m saying is the double standard NEEDS to STOP! I’m the type to call a spade a spade. A riot is a riot, no matter who is involved. If we had this clarity in the media, like we did decades ago, I fully believe that the country would not be experiencing as many of the problems as we presently are.


I’m so done with being meek and quiet. What’s that got us? A Commie government, that’s what that got us.

You all march nice and quiet into the camps, now, good citizens.

Makes me want to throw up, how sheep-like we’ve become.

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Only those that believe the media thin in those terms. D.C there were thousands of people protesting, yet all are labeled Terrorist because of few hundred. You cannot control a crowd and those that broke in should be charged. Dr. King had peacefully protest and when the police attacked, beat and mauled people what was it called then? They are afraid now, and given the fact they want D.C ti remained locked down until April is proof. But this is what the people wanted when they keep people in office for decade’s.

They called them peaceful protest because that’s how they started out. But outside influences were agitators and turned them into riots and lootings. Jan 6 was insurrection from the beginning.

That seems over-simplified.
I don’t believe that everyone who attended the rally intended to commit insurrection. Only a fraction of the large crowd entered the Capitol Building. And the headlines I’ve seen this week indicate that most of those who entered the Capitol won’t be charged with anything more than trespassing, and very few face the prospect of jail time.

I’m quite willing to believe there were folks present who had ill-intent from the start. As you said, agitators will take advantage of large gatherings to create riots. I just can’t believe that a the large group of unarmed tourists that I saw on TV were all part of some planned coup.

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I see no difference between the riots all last year and January 6. They all started as peaceful protests. Instigators were present at peaceful protests that turned them in to riots. There is little doubt in my mind that the riots were planned at the 2020 riots as well as the 1/6 riot.
And frankly, I am disappointed in our legislators believing that a riot at the Capital is any less egregious than at a federal courthouse. The judiciary is a co-equal branch of the government and more citizens have interactions at the federal courthouses everyday then the legislature.