State Lawmaker Wants Concealed Carry Laws Suspended During State Of Emergency


Kudos to Rep. Gurtler for continuing his pro-2A battle. :+1:


Wow!!! Love it!
The problem is, it makes too much sense. It’ll never pass.
Here’s to hoping it does!


Yeah Al. Has a CC carry bill that got moved out of committee that would allow any currently legal gunn owner to have permit less CC. Sheriff’s are against but for financial reasons.


Way to stand! :slight_smile:


And on the other side of the isle they freeing prisoners. Now is the time for national constitutional carry, period.


Wow! That was not the view I was expecting. I thought he wanted to suspend the right to carry when I read the title.


There should be no state permits…

We all have a permit… The Constitution.


Indeed. The media love to mislead in the headline as well as the context of the story… it is a shame we can not trust them.


We already have a national Constitutional carry… it is the Constitution. We simply need to demand those we elect adhere to the Constitution they all swear an oath to defend and uphold.


I thought the same, Dawn, and was pleasantly surprised and hopeful for those of us in GA. We already have Constitutional carry in the US if you go by that document as it’s written, but the policy makers blatantly disregard it and go on infringing.


AMEN, and here in Kalifornia I’ll stand on my 2nd Amend. “Shall not be abridged!”


@Dawn I thought the same thing too and then realized…
Politicans love to hide their intent by twisting the name or intent of the bill. As an example note that most anti-gun bills have used a variation of the word “safety” to make it appear as not to be anti-2a. In this case many anti-2a people will not object because they think it is “common sense” gun legislation if they don’t read the details. A bit of slight of hand here? If yes, I approve. We are learning the ways of the enemy and using it against them.


I thought the same when I read the headline. It was a pleasant surprise reading the story.


I could “swear” that when I took the oath, if I disregarded any aspect of it, I would have been discharged under other than honorable circumstances.
Furthermore, we have”simply” demanded. We’re demanding every hour of every day. If we can’t fix stupid, let’s have them excoriated.
Anyone who swore an oath and does not adhere to that oath constitutes treason.
Now that we are at “war”, death is the sentence and if no one has the balls to carry it out, then we can kiss this freedom loving country good bye.
Look around right now and you can see it crumbling. AOC complaining that illegals are not going to be paid from the stimulus, do we really need anymore proof of treason and aiding and abetting the enemy!
If history is any reminder, Rome died from within.
We let the disease (pun intended) into our House. AOC and her cronies are a virus upon this nation. There is a vaccine for her…she IS NOT a representative of the people!
I feel like Herodotus, I’m writing history as I live it.


I was afraid when I saw the title. I was afraid a politician thought we should eliminate the ability to conceal weapons during a crisis, not eliminate restrictions.

Good to see a politician who isn’t trying to make life more difficult.


The Fall of the Roman Empire…

The Decline of the American Republic; John Flynn. Excellent book.

There was once an accepted form of political speech… Tar and Feather.

Perhaps our founding generation knew something we have forgotten. (other than most everything about the Constitution.)


Let’s see here. There are more and more panicking criminals with violent tendencies out there and this GA lawmaker Matt Gurtler wants to make it easier for law abiding citizens of GA to be able to defend themselves and their love ones from such every growing threats of violence without going through local bureaucracy makes perfect sense.

Hopefully the Governor of GA will have the same common sense as Matt Gurler.

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Requiring a citizen to obtain a license to carry or own a firearm should be considered a violation of the 2nd amendment and therefore the law requiring such should be deemed unconstitutional.


It passed years ago, but I know what you mean.

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the individual right to keep and bear arms. It was ratified on December 15, 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights.